The New Revolution

Thank you for all the comments and emails that I received from you regarding my last entry, “Can a Simple Smile Change the Course of History?”. It’s so odd, sometimes I have feelings so strong that I think I can’t turn my emotions into the proper words to express myself. I had actually considered not posting that entry – because I felt like it didn’t do my feelings justice. I felt like no matter how much I wrote, I couldn’t thank all of you enough. I felt like I couldn’t express how deeply that you’ve affected my life. I hope you know what a superhero you are. Thank you for all of your positive comments regarding that entry. Thank you for all of your support and a huge thank you to the all of you that participated in the heart photo project (posted in the Simple Smile entry) that Nymphi started in South America and that reached the world. I like sharing with you. And I like hearing from you all over the globe. I like seeing your pictures, hearing your stories and your dreams. Those wishes and dreams are safe with me. And I know mine are safe with you. That’s why I post my heart on these pages…..
Regarding my “Smile” journal entry, my friend Ahnika Delirium wrote, “This love & support, person to person, on a deep level, that yer talking about, IS the new Revolution. A smile on the street is the new revolution.”
A smile on the street is the new revolution.
I read that over twice. I know that to be true.
We all have the ability to transform and shape the course of history with kindness, with our art, and with our truth.
Let’s start the Revolution.
It’s time.