I Feel Happy Of Myself

The sun was shining.
The birds were singing.
And I was there in the middle of the garden getting slammed in the face over and over by my practice sock poi while trying to learn an advanced move.
It was starting to get frustrating.
That’s the thing about learning something new….you just have to let go and let yourself be really really bad at it. And that’s hard to do. Especially when your face is taking a beating from a ball of rice stuffed in a sock.
An hour after this, something beautiful happened. The poi found their way on their own path and not in my face. The movement started to flow and I was doing it. I was spinning both poi in different directions with ONE HAND! I was on top of the world. I conquered!!!!!
And then I just saw this video my friend, Zina had posted of a kid just learning how to ride his bike. And I feel like I just had that same rush of learning something new after overcoming the challenge of it.
I feel happy of myself, too.
Today, I’m working on a whole new routine with lots of new moves that I will be performing at the Coney Island sideshow.
I know that before Thursday, I will probably have to listen to this kid’s words of wisdom on repeat:

“Everybody I know you can believe in yourself!
If you believe in yourself, you can ride a bike (or spin hard poi moves). IF you don’t, you just keep practicing. You will get the hang of it – I KNOW IT!”
Thumbs up everybody for ROCK AND ROLL!

Now back to my poi practice…..

Photo by Knightmare