Secrets of a Photograph

The secrets of a photograph.

The magic hidden in each tiny object of significance.

This is my official new tour poster – a vision board of dreaming.

The photo that was chosen was one that Burke took just for us – a picture of me dreaming of the future surrounded by my magical things. But in the end, out of all the photos – it was the most personal, the most raw, the most me. I wavered back and forth if I should put something so personal out there – and Burke and I both decided it was our favorite.

First off, I wanted to have the color blue prominent in the photo because Blue is the name of my character in the screenplay for the film Revolver that Burke and I wrote together. We made a pact that we will shoot Revolver together in the Summer of 2013…..and it has a been a big dream of ours for years that is so close to coming true. In the original photo I was wearing a blue dress, but me covered in blue flowers “dreaming” of the future Blue was even more powerful. (if you haven’t seen the trailer for Revolver – watch it here:

The old skeleton keys. Burke placed them carefully around me. We have quite an amazing collection of keys that are over 100 years old. The large ones at the top are the special ones in his studio. The tiny ones I later used to make into the magic fortune bottle key necklaces that I brought on tour with me. I love the tiny ones. I love to daydream of what all those keys used to open at one point. To me, now…. keys are symbols of opening the doors to a gorgeous future – and that’s why they are so prevalent in this photo.

The painted hand at the top of the photo. I got this fortune telling hand on a tour day in Florence, Italy with Contessa two years ago after we had a magical lunch at a small cafe. It was the beginning of worldly adventures and magic for me. It was the tour I started really feeling comfortable all over the world. Side note: Tessa and I found this cafe again this year in Florence and the women who run the cafe remembered us! Not only did they remember us from two years ago and that magic day – but they remembered that I “stole” their Italian Playboy Magazine for my husband. We were all laughing about that.

The cowboy boots to the left of my ear. These tiny cowboy boots are on Pocket’s key chain in Revolver. When Pocket and Blue start their road trip together, he always sleeps in the truck and she sleeps in a motel room on the road. She sleeps with his truck keys on that key chain curled in her fingers – because she’s terrified he will leave her in the middle of the night. Blue has been left her whole life and doesn’t trust others. That key chain is a significant part of the movie.

The mermaid goddesses on either side of my head diagonally. These are door handles that Burke found in Thailand. He brought them back to be the door handles on our future new home together that will replace the one that burned down in April 2011. They are very magical – and they signify opening doors to the world.

The old mirrors. These are magic hand mirrors that normally hand in my gypsy parlor in NYC. They have pretty otherworldly spells on them.

The Mexican Loteria cards above my head were from an amazing surprise trip that Burke took me on. I picked the cards to play out my own little story….

La Mano (the hand) which to me symbolized the magic lines in my hand telling secrets and tracing beautiful destiny

La Luna (the moon) – The Moon is a goddess I can see with my own eyes. She is my constant company on the road all over the world. She recognizes me.

El Corazon (the heart) – The heart is my truest guide. When I follow it – the right things always happen.

La Corona (the crown) – This is the end of the story – when we follow our “magic”, when we follow the moon, and follow our heart – that is where we are the kings and queens of our destiny.

I put this here as a reminder to me – and I put it there as a beautiful wish for all of us.

The small purple and silver container above my head (right below the hand) – I wasn’t going to share this – but it’s really important to me – and I have to trust to just let my heart out there with you. In that container are the ashes of my best friend, Jeff Moody, who passed away while his wife Jamie and I held him in 2006. I feel like he has guided me to so many of my dreams and has helped me on my path. And I know for certain that he would be so happy to be on posters all over the world. He was a total rock star and he dared me live my wildest dreams. I know he looks over me and that’s why it was so important he was in this poster with me. He left behind a wife and two sons – his wife, Jamie created a facebook memorial page for him that you can visit by clicking here if you want to leave kind words of support for his family. He was a really special person and a great friend and I want to keep his memory alive always.

And of course, the whole poster, all of it magic, was taken by my true love, Burke Heffner….who sees the true me always and knows how to capture her.

Here was the whole layout of the shoot and this photo was my second choice.  The beautiful blue dress, Contessa picked out for me in a Brooklyn thrift shop when she came to visit me after the house burned down.  In the whole layout, you can see some of the gifts you guys have given me on the road.  I keep them all, and I included them here because you are important to me.  They are symbols of love surrounding me….

And yes, there are even more behind the scenes photos… you can see them all at Burke’s site “Things To Look At”. 

And there they are my stories lined up for you– some of the little secrets

…’ll have to find the rest.

If you want one for your own, send me your name and I’ll autograph it for you. I just put them up for the first time in the Danger Dame online boutique.  I have a limited amount of them left.

Let’s dream together….


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