Au revoir, Sizzling Summer of 2012…

I had a love affair with Summer of 2012.  For many reasons.

Reason #1 was… I barely got dressed.  I rocked the “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Elizabeth Taylor look and became known on the streets of Brooklyn as the Girl of 1,000 Slips.  In reality, I own 23 of them…all found on the road while touring.  I stopped the snow globe collecting and turned it to vintage slip collecting.  They are pretty and can be found for about $7 – $15 in second hand or vintage shops.  Fab-u-LESS!

Black Vintage 1940s silk slip picked up in Portland $12. Vintage cut ruby rosary beads from a flea market in Woodstock $10.

My entire Summer 2012 look was:

  • Throw on a slip.
  • Add vintage hat or hair pin.
  • Add one accent of vintage jewelry (sparkly pins at flea markets work great).
  • Apply ruby red lipstick.  (Ones I love: Revlon Colorstay Top Tomato, MAC Russian Red and YSL Red Muse).
  • Apply black liquid liner.
  • Adhere faux eyelashes to complete the vintage look.
  • Go out into the world.  Sashay down the sidewalk like a catwalk, Mama.  Repeat every single day of Summer.  Done.
Inspiration & Pure Perfection. Elizabeth Taylor on set for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958.

The Summer of 2012 taught me that the secret to good slip wearing is buying an under half slip to put under your full slip so it’s no longer see-through.  The three half slips I have are all cream or white and have pretty ruffles on the bottom that peek out under my slips.  It takes it to the next level of glamour.  Even if you end up in the gutter, drinking straight out of a wine bottle that Perry Farrell handed to you after he swigged out of it all night on stage at the sold out Jane’s Addiction show.  *ahem*

Elizabeth Taylor may swig her whiskey out of a glass in her slip, I sip wine in the gutter (where one does) with my half slip ruffles peeking out!

And then….here’s the picture of Perry drinking from the bottle moments before he handed it to me.  He’s not wearing a slip, but it doesn’t matter.

Yum. Photo by Sarah Sparkles.

I do have sleeping slips vs. daily wear slips.  The line sometimes gets blurred however.  Here is a sleeping slip.  And yeah, the makeup is from the night before.  I kind of love waking up with raccoon eyes and bedhead.  I’m horrible at taking makeup off at night.  Bad Veronica.  Good slip.

Good Morning, pretty vintage peach sleeping slip!

Three cool things about collecting vintage slips:

  1. They are cheaper than buying regular clothes.
  2. They are more glamourous then regular clothes.
  3. You can share your vintage finds and play dress up with your hot girlfriends.   And then get them in your swinging bed to take photos.  BONUS.
Me, and Rock Star Beauties Our Lady J and Kim Boekbinder

And on one of the last days of Summer, I rolled down a hill for the first time in my life in my favorite green slip from the 1940s.  The previous owner would have been proud.  Contessa is not wearing a slip, but you can see her butt.   You’re welcome.

We shot this 43 seconds of cinema brilliance at Bard College.  After rolling down the hill, we felt extremely educated.
And we may or may not make you roll down a hill with us at our women’s retreat, Luminous Wild.

Just sayin.

Or I’ll make you wear slips.

Do you have slip tips for me?  If you like posts like this, or have ideas for blogs for me to do, hit me with them!  This blog was inspired by a FB reply requesting what I wear tips.  I’m listening to you…

Raccoon eyes and Vintage Slips,





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