Dia De Los Muertos

Everybody happy as the Dead come home….

The Brooklyn Family Collective: Jim Batt, Kim Boekbinder, Me, Burke Heffner

In the wreckage after Hurricane Sandy, Halloween was all but cancelled in a darkened city. 

The New York City Halloween Parade was postponed for the first time ever in 39 years.  Its usual route down Sixth Avenue, normally bustling with 50,000 marchers in costume, was nothing but a dark stretch of street. 

No power….no parade.

Photo Courtesy of the New York Halloween Parade Facebook


There were rumors of a Renegade Parade stirring up on the internet, on text, on emails.  What would happen if a group of us just went anyway?

There’s no cell reception.  No streetlamps.  No traffic lights.  Driving over the Williamsburg Bridge was like time traveling into 1890. 

It was surprising how easily traffic moved without lights.  Everyone watched out for each other and took turns moving.  The city regained a natural flow in the darkness.

We parked the car in a dark and eerie silence, and the brass band began to play……

There were about a hundred of us, marching together, dancing, celebrating down the streets of New York City.  People stuck without power for days in the Village, opened up windows – waved and shouted encouragements.  A man came out of a building with his little boy on his shoulders and joined us.  A woman ran out of a bar, shouting exuberantly, “You made it!  You made it!  Halloween lives afterall!”  People worn down from days of no power came and danced along with us to the band.  Our little group of costumed revelers grew with every block.

I have been to many of the Halloween Parades over the years in the city, but this one was my favorite.  It was a true community.  A bunch of people who love Halloween, taking to the streets to celebrate together, to celebrate this strong and beautiful city that we are lucky to live in….

The cops were cool, the community was awesome – we stayed on the sidewalk like we were asked, and we danced in the dark under the glowing moon……


With our heads tilted back.


What did you do for Halloween this year?  Post your pictures in the comments here – I wanna see!


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