Magic Monday: Talking with the Spirits… on an iPhone

I know what you’re probably thinking…. I’d like to see the astronomical rates on that plan.

I will explain all.  I promise.

The idea for this post started when I snapped this picture of me backstage in the wee hours of Sunday morning at The Slipper Room. 

Veronica Varlow Backstage

After it went up online, I got two questions about it over and over, that I will happily answer here:

1.  “Where can I see you perform in NYC?”   If you’d like to see me up close and personal before the end of the year, I’m doing a Circle of Seduction at the NY School of Burlesque on December 29th, and having a Bon Voyage party at the Slipper Room later that night before I head off to tour.  On December 31, I’m ringing in the New Year at Dances of Vice!  Come join me.

And the second question was, the one that inspired this post……….

2.  “Is your phone case a Ouija Board?”  


Of course, with most things with me, it has a story behind it.

It’s a little secret that helps me and I thought maybe it could help you, too, so I wanted to share it here.

Now, I should say, I don’t use Ouija Boards personally.  I collect turn of the century boards, because they are handmade works of art and because it absolutely fascinates me that during a period where life was very conservative, people regularly gathered for seances as a form of intellectual entertainment and discovery.

I have always subscribed to the idea that when people pass on, they still exist, just not in a form we can see.  My Grandma Helen passed away before I even hit my teens, yet whenever I needed help I would close my eyes and think of talking to her in my mind, and it would help me.

My Magic Grandma Helen. My Uncle Warren gave me all these amazing family photos this past week.  Such an amazing gift.   I’m so grateful to be able to share her picture with you.

In all these years that she’s been gone, she still remains such a strong guide and presence in my life.

In fact, I’m sitting in JFK right now, about to board a plane to LA and during the wait, I’ve already spoken to her.

Years ago, my dear friend and mentor, Barbara Biziou gave me this great tip and I’ve used it ever since…..

When I’m in public and I need guidance/good luck/inspiration, I switch the ringer off on my phone, and start to talk to my Grandma out loud as if I was having a phone conversation.

There is something about saying words out loud that helps me far more than talking to her in my thoughts.  In my busy life, sometimes it’s hard to have two seconds to sit down and close my eyes and think thoughts to her or to my grandfathers who have passed on, or to my friend, Jeff.  Yet, there is something about the simple motion that we do a billion times a day, putting our cell phones to our ears, that communicates “the line is open”.

I would never stop and close my eyes on a busy NYC street and think of them.  It just wouldn’t happen.  But, it’s so easy, to shut off the ringer, and just start talking while I’m walking to my destination.

When I was on my last audition callback for MTV’s MADE, I called Grandma and my friend Jeff, who had passed away a year before.  I held the cell phone up to my ear and talked to them, while passing a billion people on the street who just thought I was having a simple cell phone conversation.  Asking my Grandma and Jeff out loud to help send me good mojo for the audition just made me feel more confident.  It made me feel like I was going into that audition with an invisible army – and I aced it.

Let’s face it,  no matter what you believe, or what religion you might subscribe to, I think we can all agree that love is stronger than death.  That the connections that we have in life, continue on, even when those that we love aren’t physically here with us anymore.  These little “phone calls” are how I check in with them.  How I let them know I’ve been thinking of them, how I let them know what I’ve been up to, how I keep myself feeling connected to them.

On some level, I know they are out there listening.

And I look for signs of their answers back to me.

Hence, the Ouija Board on my phone.  It’s how I talk to the spirits.

Do you talk to the people in your life who have passed on?  How do you do it?  Will you be adding this Magic Monday’s tip to your ways?




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