How To Never Pay For a Phone Charger, Power Cord or Power Converter Again

Let’s get down to it.

This is one of my nitty, gritty rock and roll tips that I figured out touring on the road for five years.

When you’re constantly moving and going from one city to another night after night, your brain starts functioning differently.  You find comfort in odd things, you brush your teeth with an apple, you want to cry when girls throw their pretty lace bras on stage hoping that they are clean and that you can wear em’ later.

36C.  *Ahem.*

The bras that were thrown at me during one Rat Game. Thank you, Ladies.

In fact, I’m on an adventure right now.  I’m on a plane as I type this, headed to LA to do a video with Emilie Autumn. In the last 20 days, I’ve been on two continents, four countries and 8 cities.

I’ve stumbled out of bed in eight different hotel rooms.

I’ve shoved my clothes and my costumes and my makeup into my pin-up tagged rolling trunks to board another flight, or hop another bus to the next city.

This is what your brain looks like on the road:  Adventure! Travel! Cool people! New stuff to see!  Raiding 24 hour road side truck stops at 3am!

This is what your brain does not think about….

That at that 5 o’clock in the morning call time, when your eyes are half-open and you shove everything into your suitcase as you race out of the hotel….

your brain forgets about that phone charger plugged into the wall behind the hotel bed.


One day, I got to thinking…. I simply can not be the only one in the world who leaves their phone charger in the wall at hotels, right?

So we get to the next hotel in the next city and I walk to the front desk, and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Um, so….I’m on the road a lot and I was here in this hotel like a month ago and I left my phone charger behind. I was wondering if you have it in your lost and found.”

Front Desk Guy: “What does it look like?”

Me: “Oh, it’s white.”

Front Desk Guy: “About a month ago?”

Me: “Yep. More or less.” (I say this because if the person lost it in the last week, they might actually come back to get it).

Front Desk Guy goes and looks in massive drawer with every single electronic accessory known to mankind in it.

He holds up the familiar iPhone charger one.

Front Desk Guy: “This look like yours?”

Me: “Yep!” (….yep. that one does look exactly like the one I left in the hotel room in a city 600 miles away from here.)

It’s phone charger karma. I left mine in the wall for someone in Venice, and I got someone else’s in Austin, Texas.

Fast Forward to our most recent tour to South America…..

After the show in Argentina, outside our hotel with new friends.

We left the States two days after Thanksgiving to board a plane to Mexico, then to South America.

I remembered my bikini.  I forgot my American power adapter for South America.

No worries – as the first hotel we pulled into, I went to the front desk and told them I had left an American power adapter there a month ago. And lo and behold, there was 14 of them laid out on the counter for me to identify.

I purposely left it behind on the desk at the last hotel we were in. I knew mine was at home in Brooklyn, so no reason to have two of them.

It’s a little gift for the next traveler….maybe for one of you.

By the way….it’s grey. With a yellow star sticker on it.

I like to think of us all as this group of travelers, wandering around the world, sharing stuff, leaving things behind, picking up things we forgot.  A little Road Treasure.

Hope today’s post put a smile on your face.  *kiss*



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