Magic Monday: Magical Adornment

It’s 3am on Monday morning.

The tour bus is rambling on through America.  We’re somewhere out there on the night highway between Pittsburgh and Washington DC.

I’m in my bunk.


And like I said – it’s 3am – and I don’t trust myself to get up early and write this entry…so here we are now.

Me and you.
In my bunk.

Magic Monday always mirrors what experiences are happening with me right now. Every week, I share the magic that is closest to me at the time.
This post is inspired by something that happened tonight….
“Did one of you make this?”

I was behind the merch booth, putting my stuff away after the show and this beautiful woman was standing in front of me, wearing the Fortune Telling Bottle necklace I made.

The story.

She came to find out about the story behind the potion bottle and the key dangling on an old copper chain around her neck.

And you know how I love stories.

When I was 13, I started writing regularly in my diary.  It’s when I started collecting pieces of my life and putting them onto the page……I scotch taped fortune cookie fortunes to some entries, I taped pieces of my hair next to my poetry, I taped in wrist bands from shows that I went to, I taped in movie theater tickets and concert tickets and later on, I would tape in love letters.

In fact, I created a whole diary for Burke during the first year we were dating that I gave to him on our wedding day.  Pieces of roses were taped in it, alongside his poems to me, tickets from own of our first dates at the planetarium by Central Park, and again, those fortunes we got getting Chinese take-out in the wee hours of the morning.

When our house burned to the ground in 2011, the magical little journal that I made for him, somehow, mostly survived, even though it was made of paper, and metal pots in our home were burned to nothing.  It was burned in the shape of an oval, as though something was protecting it.

If you want to know the real story, I started making the Fortune Telling bottles in early 2012, because I loved the idea of being able to keep those pieces of memory with me somehow, around a bottle on my neck.  A little enchantment, a little piece of memory sealed in a bottle dripped in wax.

Me, backstage last night, before our first show of 2013…rocking my Fortune Telling Bottle for good luck.

I found fortune telling books from the late 1800s and beyond and clipped the things I found compellingly magic.  Things that would now be out there in the world having adventures around someone’s neck, rather than being in a dusty book cover hidden on a shelf.  I scrolled them carefully into the bottles, corked them and dripped my purple candles on them to create the seal.

Each one of them is unique.  Some of them are paired with antique keys, and some are paired with lockets.

I found a bunch of old tiny keys in a shop in my travels to New Orleans for the first time.  I picked up other small keys on my other travels around the world.  I found them waiting for me, in little shops….keys of doors or secret cabinets long gone.  They would now be assigned a new task….as the door opener of dreams to their future owners.  A symbol of luck.

The others have tiny lockets with a scrolling design.   I imagined the wearer being able to put a picture of their “wish” in the little locket – a picture of a place they want to travel to, a picture of something that inspires them from the past, or that inspires them toward the future.  Or perhaps, a picture of someone who loves them, tucked safely in the locket.

I made 70 of them that bathed in the light of the moon on my windowsill in New York City.  And then I packed them in purple velvet into a vintage green travel case that is now at the foot of my bunk.  They are on the road with me now and it’s the last time I’ll be taking them on tour with me, to make room for more inspirations and more creative ideas for the future. I left 14 of them home in NYC, if one of them is calling to you, I can mail it to you when I get back in the beginning of March.

I think about how many key necklaces and fortune bottle necklaces that I have made going on their journeys around the world with their wearers. Know that I put so much love into them. That there’s a blessing in each from me to you.

I believe there is a power in adorning ourselves with meaningful and magical things. Stories around our necks, in our hair, on our fingers. Each one of the necklaces and hair accessories that I own has a unique story to it…whether it was given by someone special, purchased during a beautiful moment wandering the summertime flea markets in the mountains, a piece that I made with my own hands or found somewhere calling to me….I remember all of their stories. And I wear them proudly….these bits of memory that form my journey.

And the bus rumbles this way and that on the road right now, as I type this… lulling me to sleep.

I will be back here tomorrow….with a question for you.   And I’m curious to hear your answer.

See you then?



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