And Then We Drowned Her….

photoDirected by my Partner-in-Crime, Burke Heffner.

It will leave you gasping for breath…..

I watched it all happen.
And you know me, I want to dig into the stories behind the story.

And what I found moved me to tears.

From Tora’s bio:

Life took an unexpected and cruel turn when Tora was in an accident at thirteen years of age. A plane carrying Tora, her father, stepmother and four others crashed into the back of a sheet metal factory building… Tora was the only survivor. Miraculously she walked herself out of the plane, and when Rescue arrived they found her standing in the snow nearly unscratched.

“So many people expected me to crumble,” Tora admits. “I never once, in that plane, thought ‘How can I get through this?’ I simply pushed through that horrific day on raw instinct. But when the dust had settled, then I felt scared because the aches I felt were no longer from my body, but from the bottom of my soul. It was at that moment that I realized my real survival was dependent on music. With music, nothing ever dies. You just keep playing it and it lives again – that’s the magic of it. And so I needed to write music. It brought me joy and that’s all I knew and all I wanted to know,” says Tora. Shortly out of the hospital, she sat down at the piano and began to write songs to cope with the overwhelming loss, realizing that this would be the key to expressing herself and moving forward.

And move forward she did.

Burke and Tora had worked together creatively before – but their ideas and visions required a hell of a lot of imagination and skill.

And Burke reached even further… he wanted to sink a room underwater while Tora played piano.

Burke is a genius of a director.  He is a natural storyteller.  He also has a mind and the skill to make crazy, wild ideas come to life.


Why not build a room over a pool? And slowly lower it with an elaborate wedge/pulley system that could hold a whole room, a girl and

…oh yeah, a piano?

Kara Blossom puts some muscle into creating the "room".
Kara Blossom puts some muscle into creating the “room”.

Burke works on the elaborate pulley system. Poolside.
Picture 6

Then Blue and Burke get the system ready to handle the room.


The room was put on top.

Of the pool. Like this.


Weird Fact: The window you see in the wall is the only piece left of our house that burned to the ground.

I got a little emotional when I looked through that last window remaining, set in place in this room. It’s very old and the glass is beautifully warped and distorted.  It took me back to the memories of the old house.  But now, it is a part of the house carrying on….a window that survived the fire to be sunk underwater.

The sun streaking through through our old glass window.  Up to our knees in water.
The sun streaking through through our old glass window. Up to our knees in water.

Watching all of this happen….all of the imagination…all of the skill and dedication of everyone involved….inspired me. And not only that….

I have one more secret…

Director Burke Heffner and Cinematographer Marshall Rose going over shots.
Director Burke Heffner and Cinematographer Marshall Rose going over shots.

This kickass team is some of the very same people that will further make Revolver come to life this year.

Yes. I’m talking about this.

What a way to kick off 2013! Congratulations to Tora, Burke and all the rest of this team of talented film magicians.

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To find out more about Tora and all her music adventures, just click here.  She’s a bad ass.



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