Magic Monday: Postcards From Your Past Self

Secret Treasures of Souvenirs.  A few lines of scrawled text.  A picture.  Personal accounts of adventures. They were the closest things to finding a message in a bottle in the sea.


When I first came across them, I was 7 years old at an antique store on Cedar Lane. They were stacked in a shoebox. I pulled them off a table and sat on the floor going through them.

In that dusty antique shop, I found the sacred shoebox from the Guardians of Adventure.

Postcards….from the Wanderers of the World.


All the different names, through spaces of time from the 1930s to the 1970s – recounting in seven sentences or less the most important things they wanted to share about their travels.

It was in that old store that my love affair of postcards began.

My Mom bought me three that I picked out and hung up on my wall – one of the canals of Venice with gondolas gliding down the water, one of a beach in Hawaii with crystal clear blue water and a dolphin jumping out, and one that was simply a stretch of open highway that proclaimed “Route 66” on the side. In my 7 year old mind, I thought that must be the magical road to get to all of the adventures that I found in that shoebox that day.

Maybe it was because I hung them on my wall and dreamed under them as a child, that I’ve been lucky enough to visit all three of the places in the first postcards I’ve ever owned….I think there’s magic in that.

It’s no wonder to me that the feature film I wrote with my husband, Burke Heffner, is about a cross country on the road adventure with a girl obsessed with postcards.


So for today’s Magic Monday – I share one of my favorite tips…..

I started this in Paris in Springtime last year on tour and I loved doing it. I picked out a beautiful post card of the Eiffel Tower and wrote seven lines of text on the back….

to me.

More importantly – to my Future Self.

I wrote the important things I wanted her to remember – I wanted to capture the actual moment.

Sure, you can say – just jot it down in your diary. But this is more magical than that.

Two weeks after I returned back home to New York City, it arrived. It arrived on a rainy day when I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome. And here was this postcard from my Past Self – from a sunny day in Paris by the pyramid at the Louvre Museum.

Reading it brought me back to the emotions of that moment, brought me back to that adventure – and it also had kind advice for the Future Me – to keep creating, to keep going for my wildest dreams, to keep blazing my own trails of new adventures.

It completely transformed that dreary day in New York City for me.


Wanna send a postcard to your Future Self?

Whether you are on a great adventure around the world right now, or in your own backyard, here’s how to do it:

1. Select a Postcard with a Mood or Place You Want To Bring Into Your Life. If you are currently out traveling, this should be easy. If you are at home, go to a local antique/thrift shop and see if they have blank vintage postcards. Or you can take your pick by searching for them on places like Etsy.

2. Write Seven Lines of Text to Your Future Self. What encouragement can you give your future self? What helpful pieces of advice can you share? Is there a moment happening the day you write it that you want to always remember – perhaps a powerful lesson, a new realization, or just a fun discovery?

3. Mail IT! If you are at home, give it to a trusted friend to send to you in two weeks or more, or mail it in a larger envelope to a friend further away to have them mail to you at a designated time! I have a bunch of postcards to Future selves from the Luminous Wild Retreat that I will be sending out in Spring when I return from tour! If you are out on an adventure – simply send and wait to get back at home, complete with the post office stamp of that place for even more good memories of adventuring.


Speaking of postcards….do you want to receive a personal postcard from me out on the road?

I’m doing that for 10 of you as a thank you for letting your friends know about my Danger Diary! You will be entered to win as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Simply like my fan page on Facebook Fan Page here.

2. On your own FB page, post a link of your favorite journal entry on the Danger Diary to share with your friends and tag me.

3. Below in the comments, tell me what your favorite journal entry was and why. Winners will be selected by the random number generator to keep it fair and announced on Things I Think About Thursday!

I can’t wait to read your responses! Good Luck to all.

Wish you were here…….


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