How To Turn Any Day Into An Adventure: Quotes from the Road

Sundown in the Wild, Wild West on the Road.

“I never use the word ‘bored.’ Every day I wake up is another chance for an adventure. I never take anything for granted.”
– Beau

Picture 36

I took this picture of Beau in New Mexico next to the courthouse where Billy the Kid was tried. Beau and the crew of us have adventured all over the world together on tour, and I can attest – he takes his adventure seriously. If adventure is to be had – he’ll find it.

Me, Mel, French Fry and Beau had some serious adventures in Europe last Spring on tour. Magnificent adventures throughout Paris, Venice and Berlin. The kind of adventures where you feel like you’ve quite possibly uncovered every treasure these great cities have to offer, and then you pass out with sheer happiness and exhaustion from a day well lived. That’s Beau’s style.

“Let people in on the secret. Tell them you’re on an adventure and they will want to help you on your way.” – Emilie
Picture 45
Em and I found ourselves five blocks away from the Alamo. And because I’m like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation, I have to check this out. Em is up for the adventure and we explore the grounds in record time before a show.

We discover the folklore about the legend that IS C.C. the Alamo Cat. Wandering around the gift shop, Em comes up with a theme song for C.C. At the cash register, we throw down our C.C. the Alamo Cat postcards and burst into song for the employees. We let the people in the gift shop in on our craziness.

And what happened?

They wanted to participate in the adventure. We didn’t ask…but moments later, a girl named Teresa who works there, brought out C.C. the Alamo Cat for us to meet! We knew that was a rare treat.

We got pictures with C.C., sang the song to C.C. and then on the way out, one of the guys who worked there sang the song back to us. Once we left, everyone had smiles on their faces – including us. Adventure Success.

Emilie says, “The trick is to be open. Because the next person you meet may just be part of your adventure. They might even have been the whole point!”

C.C. the Alamo Cat agrees.

“Sometimes they are just gonna see your underwear. F&*k it.” – Me
Picture 38
We were in Houston this week. It was 80 degrees. There were bikes to be rented.

I hesitated.

Three reasons flashed in my head:

One – Suppose I fall?

Two – Suppose I’m a lame biking partner and I’m slow because I happen to be wearing heels?

Three – Suppose everyone sees my underwear?

They did. I rode past an outdoor restaurant and a gust of wind blew and lifted my dress up from my lap. A group of people yelled, “WHOOO!” And I yelled back, “That’s RIGHT!”

Magpie and I laughed and cycled the Old Town, wind blowing through our hair, smiling, carefree and happy. I was high on the feeling of pure freedom. It was like being in a damn Muppet Movie.

They saw my underwear. Big deal. Why was I worried? Why would I have let that keep me from an incredible adventure? I am a wild f*&king adventurer….and yes, you might just see my underwear.

“Team Adventure never admits defeat.” – Josh the Sound Guy
Picture 43

It’s about finding the fun no matter where we find ourselves. One of the many examples of this…Josh the Sound Guy and French Fry the Stage Manager find the photo booth and tape the pictures to our mirrors backstage. I just asked Josh to give me other stories about his adventures and he said: “You don’t go out with the intent to have adventure, you go out with the intent to not be scared.”


“Be Spontaneous. Act on Your Adventure Impulses.” – Captain Maggot
Picture 42
I took this photo during our bike ride in Houston. We had 15 minutes before the bikes needed to be back and we were riding through the park. And there was a fountain.

Without hesitation, Magpie dropped her bike in the grass, threw up her arms and ran underneath it.

She didn’t question. She just did.

Pure gorgeous spontaneous awesome. Much like the time she pulled the “snake belly crawl” move by pulling a table onto a dance floor on a cruise ship in Norway and laying on it on her stomach while pretending to swim.

Yep. It happened. I saw this. Many other people saw it. Every single person that was in that club on the cruise ship was dying laughing. It was a hit. Snake Belly Crawl wouldn’t have happened without jumping on the impulse of adventure.

“Never Grow Up.” – French Fry
Picture 44

The above picture explains it all. Well, that, and on our day off, French Fry found a two dollar thrift store Transformers Decepticon and was beaming when he brought it back to the bus. After putting together the large stage set up every day for hours, he took the simple pleasure of building this Decepticon. He sneaks me boxes of Nerds candy onto the pillow of my bunk as a surprise sometimes, and I recently left a Pez dispenser with a car on it I got from a truck stop on his pillow.

We act like we’re five on the road sometimes. Without apology.

And on those days when you find yourself in a Walmart parking lot, laying out everything you own on the gravel, trying to figure out what clean stuff you have left to wear, as people pass by you in their cars, their mouths open either with disgust or confusion….just laugh…..
Picture 35

It’s all an adventure.





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