Things I Think About Thursday

Life is about our connections with each other.  That’s really all that there is.

Outside the tour bus in Pomona, California last night.

Thinking about all the different people I’ve met along the way…

After the show in Washington, DC.

Seeing familiar faces over the years, and watching you launch into some amazing dreams.
Picture 46
One of these being the awesomeness that is Casanova Cupcake. LOVE!

Whether we have crossed paths on the road or just in the comments of the Danger Diary…you have touched a piece of my life.

Picture 50
Backstage last night with the VeVa doll that Erica Roberson made for me.

So this Things I Think About Thursday Question is about the people you have met along the way in your life….

You have $10,000.

You have to give it away to a friend in the next 12 hours.

It cannot be someone you are related to, and it cannot be someone you are or have been romantically involved with. You cannot give it to a foundation or a stranger on the street. It has to be given to someone that you at least know their name and they know your name. It can be a good friend, or it can be an acquaintance.

You will never get this money back or get gifts back from it. For instance, if you give it to Anna because she has amazing business sense and she turns it into a million billion dollars – you will not see any of that. You give this $10,000 to one person in your life without any motivation of gain, just simply because you believe in them or you feel like they truly deserve it.

Who is it?

In the comments, you can keep your person anonymous, but say the reason you would give it to them.

As always, curious to continue this conversation with you and hear your answers in the comments.

And if you want to get a postcard from me on the road…there’s still time to enter…I’m announcing the winners on Magic Monday…..because I’m a tease and I wanted to give you a little more time…..

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday!


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