Magic Monday: The Keys to Adventure

Bed Head and Last Night’s Raccoon Eyes


It happened again this morning.

The bleary eyed walk from our tour bus to hotel.

I pulled my road beaten hoodie over my head to hide the bird’s nest in my hair. A family was walking out just as I was struggling with my two purple suitcases to get in.

The laces of my boots are untied, I slept in the dress I wore yesterday and I have drool on the side of my face.

It ain’t always pretty, but it’s a life well lived.

There was a plastic slide key waiting for me on the table in the front lounge of the tour bus. Another to add to the collection of them….

My collection of hotel key cards and my magic trunk.
My collection of hotel key cards and my magic trunk.

It made me think about all those different keys…all those doors to open. The ones in the above picture opened doors for me on that day…but their codes have changed by now and they will never be able to open those same doors again.

Not like these old hotel keys that I like to collect. Pieces of story for doors that probably don’t even exist anymore….
Picture 56

All of this is rolling through my head. Before I even take a shower, before I even scrub last night’s makeup off my eyes, before I even speak out loud to anyone else. This dirty-bleary-first-thoughts-of-the-morning-moment is just for us.

So let’s start shall we?

Magic can be simple.

It can be rock and roll, on-the-fly magic, it can be stuff you produce from your trusty leopard bag that you’ve used as a pillow for the last five years in your bunk….

It can be as simple as these things…

My keys.
Picture 57

To me, they are more than just house keys…..they open very specific doors to adventure.

The first time we ever toured Europe, and I got to open the Paris show next to the Moulin Rogue with my feather fan dance, I bought this key chain. That tour, I saw the Eiffel Tower on the horizon for a brief moment as our tour bus ventured on.   I vowed to come back and explore the city someday.

On my keychain is the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. When I returned back home to Brooklyn, every time I opened any door, my fingers would fish around in my purse for those monuments at the end of my keys.  Every single time I put the key in the lock….dangling from those keys was my wish for a Parisian adventure.

Every time I opened a door, it made me even more aware of my wish.

And after opening so many doors, after consciously thinking of bringing that specific adventure to me, we had an unheard of day off in Paris last Spring.

I got to see every single one of those monuments on my key chain and then some!

I took this picture the moment our cab squealed to a stop in front of the Eiffel Tower precisely at the strike of the hour:

Now I ask you…. What is on the end of those keys that you use to open doors every day?

Then ask yourself…what do you want to open the door to?

Put it on your keychain.

It got me thinking of what new adventures I want to add to my key chain as a wish.  I want to find vintage motel keys along old Route 66 to add to bring the road trip of our feature film, Revolver, to me.

And all the doors shall open….

Speaking of adventure…these lucky 10 below will receive a postcard from me. If you are one of them, please send your address to veronica at dangerdame dot com and put Postcard Winner in the subject heading. The winners are (as chosen by
– hisdearlybeloved
– Chad V
– Jamie Lee Slater
– Julia O’Connell
– Brandon Day
– Eva
– Kristi Klein
– Anna
– Izzi Hollands
– Cloud S.

Congrats to all of you. And thank you for everyone who commented. It means so much to me that you take the time out of your day to read my thoughts here. I read all of your comments and I cherish them.

Now, this girl is going to cherish a warm shower…..


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