The Fabulous Four Tips To Steer You Into the Fast Lane of Your Dreams

A Mile Long To-Do List and a Delicious Life To Live….

What’s a person to do?

Morning Coffeehouse Photo by Emilie Autumn
Morning Coffeehouse Photo by Emilie Autumn

Well, grab your nutmeg latte, slide in next to me and put on your seat belt, because we’re headed straight down the fast lane of our wildest dreams!

  • Tip #1:  Write it Out and Hang it UP.   I know that for me, all of the things I’m doing and dreaming can get scrambled in my brain sometimes.  Rule #1 – was inspired by Kim Boekbinder.  When Kim was working on her successful Kickstarter, she went to the corner store, picked up a roll of brown craft paper and colorful markers, sat on the floor and wrote out the game plan of her goals.  She hung it on her bedroom wall where she could see it every day. 
    Her Project?  An absolute success.
  • Kim Boekbinder kicks ass and scrawls her goals on her walls.
    Kim Boekbinder kicks ass and scrawls her goals on her walls.
  • Tip #2:  Send a Letter To Your Future Self.  Go to Future Me and make a promise to your Future Self of what you will accomplish by a certain date.  I wrote myself a letter with a goal for June 15th.   I am more likely to hold myself accountable when I know that on June 15, 2013, I will get a letter in my email from my Past Self.  
    ….and I don’t want to let her down.
  • french_postbox

  • Tip #3:  Make a Public Announcement of Your Goal.   Last October, I attended the first ever Blogcademy in New York City.  I had wanted to write a blog for years, but barely kept it up.  The things I learned there helped me stick to my goals.   One of the many crucial tips I learned there was to choose your days to write and do it – EVERY WEEK on that day.  On Monday, November 12, 2012 – I started my very first Magic Monday here at the Danger Diary, and I publicly announced that I would be back every week with a new column.  That was 4 months ago today and I haven’t missed one – no matter if I’m on the road, or in another country, or having to hold my computer over my head while hitting “Publish” to try and steal a wi-fi connection. 

    I made a deal with you and said it publicly – and it’s kept me on task.

  • verde-menta-13

  • Tip #4:  Find Your Partners-In-Crime.   Clyde couldn’t have done it without Bonnie and vice versa.  Goals can be wild, big, beautiful and slightly scary things – that’s why we want to do them!  Find someone with a similar goal and partner up.  Meet over coffee to chart your progress each week.  Have phone check-ins to encourage each other and head out to celebrate when you hit your weekly personal goals.   Having a partner-in-crime to help cheer you on to your mutual successes makes victory that much more delicious.
  • partners-in-crime

    Do you have any wild goal-getting strategies you’d like to share? Hit me in the comments. I can use all the help I can get!

    Good luck with your wild goals, my Loves and I’ll see you on Thursday!

    That’s a promise.


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