Things I Think About Thursday: Seduction

se·duce (s-ds, -dys)
tr.v. se·duced, se·duc·ing, se·duc·es
1. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct.

Yes, Please.

Letting my Alter Ego run wild in front of Burke Heffner's camera.
Playing with my Alter Ego – a 1940s style seductress in front of Burke Heffner’s camera.

The word Seduction has been slandered in the past few years…it’s been directly associated with game-playing, manipulation, and deceit.

Which is not my kind of seduction. Dig?

I take the above definition of seduce as in “lead away from duty” pretty seriously.

You can ask my husband, Burke Heffner, who one day found himself thrown into a van with a pillowcase over his head as part of a kidnapping plot that I masterminded for our anniversary. The pillowcase stayed on his head until he was thrown on the pavement in front of JFK with nothing but an envelope containing his passport, 2 twenty dollar bills with “for food” scrawled on them, and a one way ticket to New Orleans.

And the rest, well… involved a mysterious driver, a fortune teller, a decoder ring from the 1940s, a scrambled note, and a staircase with a trail of rose petals leading to….


But that kidnapping adventure deserves its own full diary entry…..

I’m into “transporting” people to another place with seduction.

When I break down what seduction means to me… what I believe it to be…. it is simply taking the object of your affection out of their normal every day life and bringing them to a realm of fantasy.

Seduction is the Great Escape.

It’s creating a mood (from the candles you light to the way you dress), it’s creating a diversion from the norm (be it packing a homemade picnic and heading to a park on a whim or creating an elaborate kidnap plot for your lover *wink*).

Seduction is adventure.

In the past three days, I’ve been building the three brick walls of my fireplace to our home and I have a confession to make….

I’ve let myself be seduced by the process.

By Creating a special herb/flower/root/spice mix to stir into the mortar, writing secret messages on the backs of the bricks, taking a lock of my hair and sealing it in the mortar to connect me to the house, listening to the bricks and figuring out which ones want to go where, and building little recessed cavern altars hidden in the bricks so that a single tea light can burn inside.

Building these brick walls with my own two hands as I’m listening to music and singing along has transported me to another place….

I was seduced.

I am seduced by words. I am seduced by good conversation. I am seduced by books. I am seduced by the Blues. I am seduced by the idea of my toes in the warm sand at a beach somewhere in Mexico right now….

All of those things can transport me. All of those things can make me forget to keep track of time, and put goosebumps on my skin.


And here we are…talking seduction.  And I’m rocking a whole new class on March 23rd in NYC – because it’s what I love.  It’s something I have fiery passion for.

Weekly Question for You: What is one thing that “seduces” you in life….something that transports you and makes you forget everything else?

Transport me with your words in the comments….


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