Things I Think About Thursday: Books Are My Version Of Drugs

I had just opened my eyes.

And in that bleary in-between state of wake and dream,

I could hear their voices downstairs.

They were talking about writing.

Picture 42

There is a magnet in this home that draws the writers in.

So there I was. In bed.  Eavesdropping on their conversation downstairs.  Like the spy I am.

And I came up with a game.

You know how much I love games.

Picture 45

And you get to play at the end.  It’s Thursday, after all, you know I always have a question for you.

I heard Blue saying to Flambeaux that he loves reading fantasy writers but he never considered himself to be one or thought that he would ever write fantasy. His writing inspirations are guys like Ernest Hemmingway, Chuck Palahniuk, and Hunter S. Thompson. But sometimes a story just finds a person. And his story, woven with Japanese mythology, found its way into his brain. It grew there until it took on a life of its own.

I understand that.

My book has been waking me up in the middle of the night with thoughts to be scribbled in the dark. It woke me up last week and had me launching down the stairs to grab my computer and transcribe the words that the muses gave me in a dream.

It’s starting to take over.

Writing is cracking open another world.

And then I got to thinking….what other world would I like to lay claim to if I could re-write history?

In other words….if you had a gigantic eraser….and you could erase an author’s name off of any book in history and put your own name on as the author – what book would it be?
Picture 43

So then Burke Heffner came in.
Yes.  That Burke, the man who lured me in with his storytelling capabilities.

Writer Neil Gaiman, Musician Amanda Palmer, and Mr. Burke Heffner (with his paws around me)  Photo by Steve Prue.
Writer Neil Gaiman, Musician Amanda Palmer, and Mr. Burke Heffner (with his paws around me)
Photo by Steve Prue.

Then we started bantering back and forth over the breakfast table of which ones he would have wanted to write:

Me: “Harry Potter vs. Game of Thrones”.
Burke: “Game of Thrones”.
Me: “Game of Thrones vs. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”.
Burke: “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.”
Me: “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe vs. The Master and Margarita”.
Burke: “The Master and Margarita.”
Me: “The Master and Margarita vs. Breakfast of Champions.
Burke: “Breakfast of Champions.”

We were at the breakfast table and this game was our food.

It went on for about an hour.  All of us leaning over the table, shouting out books.  It revealed a lot about who our true writing heroes are and what stories spoke to our experience most.
Picture 44

So now it’s your turn to play:

What book would you have written?

    • It could have come out any point in history up to this moment.
    • You can’t change a word of the content.  The book is exactly as it is.
    • And no, you don’t take on the life the writer has or had – you are still you exactly….just the world recognizes you as the author of this book.

If you’re hanging out with friends, play the game of saying two books and choosing. It gets the brain rolling.

Curious to hear what you will say.   If I get 30 answers underneath this, I’ll reveal mine.

Because I do love games.


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