Things I Think About Thursday: Unexpected Teachers

It made me cry.

It happened around 3 o’clock in the morning, last Thursday.  I was in our house building our magic fireplace, teetering on saw horses on top of saw horses…..


This is a blurry close up of Niney.  Even she looks concerned that I’m getting up on this.


But I did it.  I was building altars in the fireplace.   I was writing spells on the back of the bricks.  I was putting every brick in the wall in with intention.

It’s been my project and I was almost finished.

I had written the names of all of our family, and all of our ancestors as far back as we know on the back of the bricks.  I had scrawled down the names of people who are gone, who watch over us.  I wrote down the names of all of our beloved animal companions from the past and present.

I was almost finished…..

and then it struck me.

There was someone I forgot to add, someone I forgot to thank, behind one secret brick.

This someone will be a part of my story forever.

The rottweiler that attacked me in the face.

That dog was the reason I spent 8 hours on an operating table staring at the ceiling and  questioning for the first time why I hadn’t taken the chances in my life that I wanted to.

The rottweiler could have killed me – but didn’t.

It was a warning to wake up and not sleep walk through this life.

And wake up, I did.

So while I standing there on two saw horses, at 3am, finishing my fireplace, I thought of the old dog.

Nine years have passed since the rottweiler changed my life.  The rottweiler was already old then, and I believe that by now, is already long gone.

I closed my eyes for a moment because tears rushed to them.

I took the black marker to another brick and I wrote:


In the end, that dog was a teacher to me.

My question to you this week is:

When you look back over your life, what unexpected teachers have you had in this lifetime?




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