Magic Monday: The Way Things Come To Pass

I write to you from the opposite side of the world from the place where I was born.

Me in Brisbane, Australia

A week ago, I was in New York City.

I sat in a circle of women, teaching the art of seduction.

At the end of the class, I passed out red candles, and the women carved magic symbols, words, intentions into the wax.  They dressed the candles with oil and glitter.  The fed the candles with honey and handmade incense.

One of the women asked me what carving candles had to do with seduction.

“Everything,” I said.

The most effective thing I have used to manifest the things I truly desire in life has been to somehow root my thoughts/dreams/wishes into a physical form.

I have done this by carving candles, by leaving notes with my wishes on them attached to my items, by leaving pieces of my hair tied in a ribbon with a note of my wishes, by creating Vision Boards mapping out the things I want to bring into my life.

And in this Danger Diary – I share all of those things with you.

My most personal magic workings.

Something exciting happened this week….
A magic spell I cast three years and seven days ago came to pass.

Full circle.

The below photo was taken March 20, 2010:

You may recognize this above photo because I wrote about it in a Magic Monday post about how to use a charm to bring yourself back to a place.

Well this year, every single hotel we stayed at was different than the ones in the past…. except for this one….

3 years and 7 days after the above photo was taken, my feet found their way back to the exact same room, the exact carpet, the exact space.


Like magic.

Today, my feet found their way to a sacred place in the world to me….the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney. In this beautiful garden of dragonflies and lotus blossoms, the sun warmed my skin. I sat at the top of a jade waterfall and wrote an important wish on a page from my journal. I kissed a corner of the page, tied it with a lock of my hair and…

I left it behind.

It is hidden in the garden.

It is hidden where things will grow.

Wishes take root.

To blossom.

What wishes do you want to grow this year?

Try writing it down on a piece of paper, then scroll the paper up and tie it with a lock of your hair. Then bury it in a special place to you where it can grow.

And if you want to say your write your wish in the comments….this diary is fertile ground.




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