Flights of Fancy: How To Have Your Own Party In The Sky

Time means nothing.

I am on the other side of the world. My body tells me it’s one time, and the sky tells me another story.

So I ride the inbetween. In a space of no time.

It’s just easier that way.

But here I am. Like I promised. In a space inbetween days we will call Tuesday. Even though it might be Wednesday in Australia, and Tuesday in New York. None of that matters.

We are here together.

It is a good day.

I am in the clouds again. I have logged hundreds of hours hovering in the air. Trying to get from one place to another. And I have more secrets for your very own party in the air.
Like I promised.

Practical Tip #1: Instant Sweet Smelling Cocoon of Protection.
The very first time I ever flew to Australia, Contessa wrapped a scarf around my neck and showed me this trick. Emilie always does it, Maggie does it, and now I do it (because I’m lucky to hang out with girls who know what the F they are doing when it comes to travel.)

Okay, look. Nobody wants to be the person passed out on a flight with their mouth hanging open and drool coming out . Simply wrap your scarf around the bottom of your face to give you more privacy while sleeping during the flight.  Dab oils onto the inside of your scarf (my favorites are grapefruit or lavender). Drift off to sleep with lovely scents in your own version of First Class.

Emilie and her travel scarf.  Gorgeous!
Emilie and her travel scarf. Gorgeous!

Practical Tip #2:  These Boots Are Made for Walking (Flying is Another Story) You are not going to want to wear your shoes for a long flight.  Trust me.  It will change your world by tucking your shoes under the seat and putting on your comfy flight socks.  Being 20,000 feet in the air, it’s good to do something that makes you feel grounded on your feet.  I slip into the rest room of the airplane the moment the seatbelt sign is off.  I take off my shoes and socks and apply shea butter to the bottoms of my feet.   It’s so easy to get dehydrated on long flights – and I love shea or cocoa butter to make my feet feel soft and lovely.  I give the lotion a moment to dry and then put the socks on.  It’s like having a spa day in the air.

BONUS TIP: Get a little First Class even if you’re slumming in Coach. This has worked for me every single time without exception. If you forget your socks, they have some in the little bags they give out in First Class. Simply wander over to the Flight Attendant that you’ve already made friends with and ask if they have an extra pair of socks because your feet are cold. Every single time, they’ve brought back a super cute zip bag packed with First Class goodies. If I’m not going to get the legroom, I might as well get the swag.

Picture 6
Practical Tip #3:  Music will Make the Turbulence Go Away. 
Do NOT leave home without earbuds or a headset.   Music has the power to take you to another world.  Science has proven that it has a profound effect on our mood.  And I learned it can also make near-death flight experiences lots of fun.

After finishing a North American tour in the Winter of 2008, Aprella and I found ourselves on a tiny plane for the short trip from Montreal to NYC.  That little plane threw us all over the sky.  In all the flying I’ve done, that still, to this day, was the most frightening flight I’ve ever been on.   Aprella turned to me and put one of her earbuds in my ear, put on some hardcore music to go with the wild flight and grabbed my hand.  The plane suddenly took a massive dive in the air.  Aprella looked at me, her hand clutched in mine and pushed our hands up in the air – like we would do on a roller coaster.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed and then we both started to break up laughing.

If we were going to go down, we were going to have fun at least.  Thankfully, we lived to take many many more flights.

Practical Tip #4: Your Own Flight Mojo Bag.
Whether your flight is 1 hour or 22 – you wanna land feeling fresh and looking awesome. Pack a small zip bag with you (mine are all freebies from past first class thieveries – see tip #2).

I load mine up with mints, a travel pack of face wipes to refresh, lip balm, a small travel tube of moisturizer, travel deodorant, a comb, white glitter (to dab in the inside corners of my eyes to make it look like I’m awake), and red lipstick/black liquid eyeliner.   Melissa, our tour manager, keeps her flight mojo bag always packed and ready. She never unpacks it even when she goes home.  She simply restocks it and has it on the ready so that when she gets a tour call, she can throw it in her bag and go. I like this idea – because if you want to travel – having a small flight mojo bag packed at the ready puts out your travel wish in physical form. Travel dreams warp speed ahead!

Not-So-Practical Tip #5:  3-D Glasses. Yes. You read that right.
This is me and Emilie rocking our 3-D glasses from the Flying Fun Packs we got on our Qantas flight.  Sure, they are technically for little kids.  But F that.  They made us laugh, they made the flight attendants laugh, and they kept us busy the whole flight.  Mission accomplished!
Picture 2

Bon Voyage, my Loves!


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