Magic Monday: The Power Of a Password

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When I was 9, I hid the key to my diary underneath a rug in the living room.

My little brother found it.

We all know how the rest of that story goes.

My diary is online now.  I readily give you the key.

But that doesn’t change the fact that in the first half hour I was awake, I had already entered in 3 passwords on my computer.

To my computer itself.

To my bank.

To this diary.

According to Splashdata, these are some of 2012’s most common, hackable passwords:


Ready for a dash of modern magic makeover on your passwords?
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When I start up my trusty computer each morning, it says my name and underneath there is a blank space for the password.

I took this opportunity to put in some words that I would like attached to my name in my password.   In other words, I put in words of how I would like to be described in five years if I keep on track with my goals.

Everyday, at least five times a day, I log onto my computer, see my name and type the words below it that I would want to describe the dream version of me…of me at my very very best.

There is something psychological about seeing my name and then having my fingers type the words I want to be described as….typing the words attached to the person I want to become.…that really works for me.

I mean, I’m typing this a minimum of 5 times a day.  Why not make it really, really good?

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Words are wands after all.


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