Magic Monday: Love Spells and the Secrets in Your Hair


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The magic of hair has been entwined in love spells and enchantments from deep within the wells of history.

It’s sexy… the old tales tell of mermaids brushing their long locks on rocks to enchant the sailors.

The Mermaid by J.W. Waterhouse
The Mermaid by J.W. Waterhouse

It’s strong….Dr. Frederic Leroy found that a single strand of hair can hold 3oz (100g) of weight!  That’s equivalent to the weight of 11 pennies holding onto one strand.

Model Lily Cole on the Dior Runway
Model Lily Cole on the Dior Runway

It’s smart…. your DNA coding is written in each strand.

And it has long been used to cast enchantments…. This is a golden locket filled with a lock of Marie Antoinette’s hair on display at the British Museum:

Photo Courtesy of the British Museum
Photo Courtesy of the British Museum

And I will admit. I have used mine to enchant a certain Burke Heffner to me…

In magic workings, my Grandmother Helen believed in the secrets of hair and the power of a well placed bobby pin or ribbon.

My Grandmother Helen with a magic ribbon in her hair.
My Grandmother Helen with a magic ribbon in her hair.

You all ready for some old school magic?

Come a little closer…

If a woman sleeps with a bobby pin or ribbon in her hair, the old lore says that part of the bobby pin/ribbon will be enchanted with her essence. Then, that woman could leave behind her bobby pin or ribbon in a potential lover’s space to draw that person to her.


When I met Burke, I would casually drop my thin, black bobby pins between the wooden slats of his floor boards. I would wrap a single magic strand of my hair around a bobby pin and place it under his pillow. Later, we would braid pieces of our hair together for the times when we were apart. And only 3 days ago, two of our strands were waxed and sealed into the floor of our home.

Our DNA, our magic, our locks…entwined.

Picture 61
Hair flowers, found feathers and bobby pins. That’s what my Grandma would call a triple threat!

My relationship with Burke is one of the things I’m most proud of in my lifetime.

We keep our love super hot through working gorgeous enchantments on each other.

The bobby pin enchantment is just one of the many ones we’ve worked. And if you live anywhere near New York City, and are interested in finding out more about romantic enchantments to draw the right lover to you, or to enhance your current relationship, I will be teaching Sex Magic: Secrets of Love Spells and Old Enchantment Workings at Kitty Cavalier’s School of Charm and Cheek on May 31st. Interested? I’ve got six spots left…one might be for you.

Will you pick it up?

Picture 62

My Darling Dangers…. have you heard of hair magic or used it before?  Leave a message in the comments and tell me your story what country you’re from.  I know there’s lots of different enchantments around the world regarding hair magic.  Also you have any questions about magic for future Magic Monday posts…leave a comment…I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. i cannot find any spells/rituals that you preform like, not cutting your hair or using a strand, but actually using your head of hair as a (for lack of better words) Vessel/Amulet sorta thing. I’m a fellow witch, hedgewitch to be exact! id love to like actually communicate w you on this. merry meet and brightest blessings !

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