Magic Monday: Curious and Curiouser

Dicie found a domino in the dirt.

Picture 21

The ground keeps pieces of my old house, and every once in awhile, now that it’s Spring and the ground is thawing, it will push tiny memories up to the surface.

There was the number six on its face.

And six of us randomly gathered – sleeping on the floor in blankets and sleeping bags, and tucked around the fire – for the very first weekend of the house.

Six utensils in a free apple pie.  Always delicious.
Six utensils in a free apple pie. Always delicious.

The house introduced its personality to me this weekend.  From the outside, I had thought it looked like a temple, and I thought of serene and magic names to call it, but once inside, once sleeping within its walls for a few days – I’ve learned that it has a wild, dirty heart.

Just like me.

Every house is its own entity, has its own personality.  Every room, every space – unfolds with a different story.

I should have known that a house built from Burke’s fantastic imagination, a house built through the teamwork of wild artists and wanderers – would have the untamed personality that it does.

It lured me into staying up until near dawn again and again as the full moon poured through the house’s 56 irregular and mismatched windows.

Its smooth bare floors implored dancing, and crawling, and cuddle piles in blankets.


Its sensual crescent moon curve around a warm fire urged stories, confessions and truth or dare.

Its 47 feet tall walls demanded to be filled with the sound of our teenage music and nothing else would suffice.

Me.  Blindfolded.  Playing high school games with my friends.
Me. Blindfolded. Playing high school games with my friends.

Over a candle lit dinner next to a river, three weeks ago, Burke and I played a game going back and forth to try and come up with names for the house.  The third one he suggested made me gasp…..


Definition:  A curious or unusual object or piece of art.  Something fascinating or unusual.

I fell in love with the sound of it.  And served back to him….


Definition:  A curious and unusual collection of rarities or oddities.  A fascinating piece of art, quite possibly dealing with erotica.


And now, as I sit in the house, curled in the only chair – a pink velvet Victorian, my bare feet on its honeyed smooth wood floor, the morning sun moving like waterfalls through the windows….there is no denying the sensual nature of this space.

So. Perhaps it now has it name.  We shall see.

And like I promised last week, now I will whisper ways of “clearing” your space.  But the house begged for my fingertips to type out a love letter to it on these white keys first, so thank you for indulging us.

House Clearing:  There’s many things that have been told again and again in books, like saging and sweetgrass and information that you can find anywhere, so those things won’t be here.  I like to give you things that I’ve connected to, and different things I’ve learned from my family and can pass onto you.

The two most effective things I’ve used for clearing are:  The Bells and The Brew.

Right after our first kiss at our wedding, my Grandma Helen's bells are to the right of us.
Right after our first kiss at our wedding, my Grandma Helen’s bells are to the right of us.

Bells – My Grandma Helen had a circular ring of bells that were on a crank and when they rang they cleared the air.  There is something about the magic of sound.  On my wedding day, I used those very same bells of hers to open the ceremony, clear the air and call the spirits of our ancestors into our circle.  I sleep under a string of bells that my toes like to swat to create a soft tinkling of sound as I’m getting out of bed.

One of the oldest traditions of our family, is to give the gift of bells for a housewarming.  There is much to be said about the magic of bell song, and the silence immediately following it.

Whether you are just moving into a space or have been there for years, the addition of a bell will work wonders.

The Brew – Both my Grandma Irene and Grandma Helen have done this and so has my Mom, Susie Lee.  The magic of a simmering pot of water on a stove filled with delicious smelling herbs or spices to fill the air with a pleasant natural scent.


It has been scientifically proven again and again that our sense of smell is one of our most triggering scents, and it has the ability to set our mood.  There is an old trick that real estate agents use to lure buyers to a house, by simply baking apples with cinnamon on them and a dash of vanilla extract in the oven.  The scent makes the buyer feel “at home” and they are more likely to be influenced by the smell than by what they see.

These are my two favorite brews:

For Spring and Summer – I love to combine Vanilla Extract, Mint, and Lime.

For Fall and Winter – I love to mix whole Cinnamon Sticks, Orange and Clove.

Just simmer a pot of water on the stove on low and slice up the fruit, add the extracts and put the spices in.  Not only does it smell delicious, but it looks pretty, too.

Enjoy clearing your space with sound and scent.  It’s my favorite way.

If you’re in New York City this Friday, and you want to learn some saucy magic side-by-side with me…. I highly recommend grabbing one of the last 4 tickets to this class.

Now, tell me your clearing techniques.  What do you do to make your space – yours?  Or tell me about the personalities of your space.  Attach pictures.  I’m very visual.  And greedy….and well….curious to know.

Curled up in sunshine in Curiosa, waiting for your reply……







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