How To Write Your Own Life. What’s Your Abracadabra?

With the smoke of a stage prop cigarette, I traced the words around my body into the air.

The curtain opened and all of the light poured in.

The hints of my curled smoke words between me and the audience…

The words that I wanted on their lips after they saw me perform.

I write the words of my wildest dreams because I am the author of this story.

The story of my life.

As you are the author of your own.


Her hands draw things like this…
lady of the lake

We met at a party three years ago.

And when things got late, conversations turned to magic and the bendings of our own realities.

We shared secrets.

I keep others, but always, eventually…

dish my own.

I whispered this one to her.


I saw her last night for the first time in a long time. We talked until the early morning hours of today.

Her name is Zelda Devon.

“You know the nine words I chose two years ago?” she asked.


“Have all been said back to me to describe me and my work.”

She writes her story. She takes the pen from the hands of the gods and draws her own lines.

And like with all magic….

things can get better and more intense and spells can be honed and crafted to become even stronger.

Do you want to hit the next level?

Let’s fantasize together.

Because it’s my favorite thing to do.

You are on the cover of a magazine.

There is your favorite photo of yourself.

And underneath it….


This word will be printed under your picture and printed a billion times and sent out to the world.

And the world will believe it…

because you say so.

And even if you don’t feel like you are that word right now, you can step into that word as easy as putting on a pair of pants.

If only you keep repeating that word in your head.

If only you take your favorite photo of yourself and below it – paste the word.

And fucking look at it. Long and hard.

And bend your mind to make you and that word – the same thing.

Take that word on like a secret second name.

And be it.

Performing at Nuit Blanche.
Performing at Nuit Blanche.

I had a circle once. 13 women met in secret under the streets of Manhattan.

Each one of us brought our favorite picture of ourselves and placed it on a table in the center of the room.

Then I had them write their one word and put it under their picture.

It was hard. It was excruciating to write the word down and share it. We don’t want people to think we’re stuck up or full of ourselves. Get over it. This word is made up of the super best form of you you can possibly imagine.


And then when everyone had done it….we walked around the table in a clockwise motion. And I looked at each photo with the one word scrawled below it.

And I believed every single one.


Will you do this with me?


In the comments, attach one of your favorite photos of yourself. It can be with other people but if it is – make clear which person you are. And underneath your photo….write one word. One strong, gorgeous word that you would like to be described as. That you would like the world to see you as.

One of you brave brave commenters will win a handmade treasure from me…with your word in it.

PS – the randomized winner of “Palm Readings are the New Room Readings” is: Caitlin Thomas and I’m breaking my own rules and adding a second winner because Whiterabbitdays comment moved me. Congratulations to you both! Contact me at my name at dangerdame with the subject heading “Hot Skype Date” and we shall arrange our chats.

Now…without further ado….

Give me your photos and your one word.

It’s your turn.

Take it.


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