Modern Day Magic: Using Social Media as Your Magic Wand

On one of my worst, stuck, blocked, uninspired days… I uncovered a secret.

I’ve used it a million times in the last year since I discovered it.

Our computers can be magic boards if we weld them correctly….

Time to make social media our bitch.

Picture 4

When I was at my most stuck moment, I realized I need to MOVE. Even it was just in my mind, I needed some flow to happen.

I took to my Twitter and typed something along the lines of:

“Setting Sail on an Adventure of Imagination and Ideas. Be Back Soon.”

Photo by Burke Heffner
Photo by Burke Heffner

I then sent it out to 17,000 people and closed my computer.

I grabbed my pen and my journal and sat outside. I closed my eyes and thought about what setting sail on an adventure of Imagination and Ideas would look like.

Then something extraordinary happened. I started having all of these new ideas pop into my mind. I felt like I was on fire and my pen started writing like mad. It was almost like it wasn’t coming from me…

Because it wasn’t.

It was coming from you.

Picture 12
Follow this:

When I was at this frozen, blocked, uninspired moment…I wrote that I was about to set sail on this journey of imagination and ideas. As I went to write, people all over the world saw my little picture on twitter – and saw the words “Imagination”, “Adventure” and “Ideas”. Even for a brief milli-second in their minds, those people attached my image to those words. They saw me as those words. It caused a ripple effect that ended with beautiful ideas spilling out from my pen to paper.

So. Thank you.

Would you like to do an international spell of grand proportions with me?

Fourteen days ago, I asked you to post your picture and a word below it in How To Write Your Own Life. What’s Your Abracadabra?

Many of you did it.

Now I want to send some world magic back your way.

To do the spell,  click this link, scroll down and read the responses.

Look at each person’s picture.
Look at the word they chose.
Imagine them being the definition of that word.

This post is later than I normally do it on Mondays because I just did that for every single person that posted. All 130 individual pictures!

Thank you all for being brave and sharing who you want to be.

I see you that way. In your best selves and your best words. Always.
P.S. If you are one of the brave people who put your picture and your word, please let me know in the comments if over the next week you feel an unexplained boost to you regarding your word. It’s our little experiment.

Thoughts are powerful things.

And…yes. I know. I lured you to do it with a contest, didn’t I? Chosen by, because you are all effing winners to me, heroes…..

And I’m letting it pick two winners instead of one like I said…

Congratulations to: Soul Halliwell and Myriam.   Please contact me at veronica at dangerdame with the subject: My Word.

Now go put a spell on me with your words on the internet.



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