Part 3 of How To Snag Your Secret Crush: Unbridled Passion

I left the conversation over dinner with half moon marks dug in the tops of my thighs from my nails….

A Clip from Kim Boekbinder's Video, Animal.
A Clip from Kim Boekbinder’s Video, Animal.

I am a lust addict for life.

What caused my impulse to dig my nails into my flesh to keep from diving over the table in absolute desire?

His story.

Feed me bits of your wild imagination and I’m hooked.

I had pushed my journal across the table to him. It was green velvet and has since been lost in a fire. Its half burned pages are under my mattress now. But then…. oh but then, only the words were fiery.

He read. Eyebrows raised. And then he continued the story, added his parts, and the smoke in the bar seemed to gather by his ear…as if the ghosts of muses were whispering the story directly to him.

What sealed the deal on this hardcore crush?

His passion for what he loved to do – Storytelling.

Me and My Storyteller, Burke Heffner

The key to snagging a secret crush is to have wild, unbridled passion for something in life (other than your secret crush of course).

What makes you tick? What makes your imagination fly? What makes your heart pound?

What about life utterly turns you on?

It is so easy to lose yourself in another person. It’s so easy to meld into what they are into doing and forget about what drives you.

Want lasting hardcore lust/love and a wild relationship with your crush?

Don’t forget to DO YOU.

Be yourself. Keep growing. Push yourself harder. Try new wild things. Get passionate about the unknown.

People are really into other people who DO STUFF.

So fucking work it out. Write that novel. Learn another language. Create wild street art. Cook passionate elaborate meals. Take classes to dance tango. Locate the constellations in the sky and know their stories. Volunteer for a cause that you believe in.

Do something that you’re passionate about.

When your crush asks you what you’ve been up to, instead of saying, “Oh, nothing”, be ready to floor your crush with excitable, hot conversation of things you’re passionate about doing. When someone talks to me with passion about something in their life, I become very engaged in the conversation. Passion is contagious.

Come to think about it….this is not only what made me fall head over heels with my man, but also head over heels with my closest friends in the world. I am hopelessly drawn to passionate people. They excite me. They get me excited about life and possibilities. In fact, I spent the wee hours of the morning emailing between Kayvon Zand, Darrell Thorne and Kim Boekbinder, talking about their wildly passionate projects.

I’m in love with all of them.

Darrell Thorne and me.  Photo by Adrian Buckmaster.
The Visual Genius Darrell Thorne and me. Photo by Adrian Buckmaster.

What revs up your pulse? If you’re been stuck, think of all the things you loved to do as a child and try to pick up one of those things up. What are you curious about? What do you love hearing about in conversations? Or what do you love to watch? Time to take the driver’s seat and do it.

And don’t worry about being a beginner. Be wild and reckless with your passions. As long as you have that gorgeous drive to try new things, your crush will be absolutely intrigued!

Speaking of new things…I’m off to ukulele rehearsal for my first show tomorrow night.

I’m not responsible for any wild crushes you get on me as a result.


What’s something you’re fantastically passionate about? Spill it. Make me fall in love with you in the comment section. Post pictures of you doing this thing if it applies. I wanna see it.


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