Magic Monday: Making a Mojo Bag (Picture Packed!)

My bare feet found the grass this morning.
The sunshine found my face.
The cards were waiting to whisper their story to me on Magic Moss Rock.

My beloved Paulina Tarot deck.

I’m doing two tarot readings tonight and I’ve been brewing up magic mojo bags to accompany them.

Wanna see a behind the scenes of the sewing magic?  It’s easy.  Follow me!

First, I start with fabric that I adore. This swatch of Peppermint Candy fabric caught my eye.
In all of my sewing magic, I always use red thread. It’s my signature. Red has always been a romantic, love color for me. My magic room is deep, lush red covered with golden stars and mirrors. You can experiment with lots of colors and how you feel working with them to sew your magic bags.

1. I cut out a 9 inch by 4 inch (23centimeter by 10centimeter) piece of the cloth.

2. Then I fold the fabric on top of itself (in half) so that the inside part is facing out.

3. I fold in about an inch (2.5 centimeters) on both sides and temporarily pin.
Picture 54

4. I then sew up one side toward the edge.  Remember:  “A Wish with Every Stitch”.

5. Then sew up the other side. Now you should have one remaining opening.

6. Turn your bag right side out!

7. Take the mouth of the bag and fold in about an inch on all sides (2.5 centimeters).

It should look like this then:
Picture 55

8. Fill it with all the lovely goodies you desire. This bag is being filled with an herbal blend of rosebuds (for love), orange peels (for sunshine and drawing light), lavender (for relaxation and calm), cinnamon (for passion and spice), peppermint (for abundance). I also like to write mini notes with my dream on it to tuck inside. I might put a piece of my hair, or foreign coins for money and travel. I’ve put lots of beautiful things in my gris gris bags. It just depends on what I want to bring to me, and I let my imagination go to work on the contents.

9. Sew the top edge closed and you have your new magic mojo bag!

I had my little mojo bag pinned to the inside of my under slip when I played ukulele for the first time in a show:
Secrets revealed!

Use your mojo bag when you need a little extra boost. Pin it to the inside of your clothing, carry it in secret pockets or have it in your bag for you to squeeze when you need it.

Get that Mojo Rising….



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