The Secrets the Cards Whispered…

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Mentions of a secret tarot circle have come up in conversation over the past 3 years.

The circle of seven is made up of some of the most gifted readers in New York City and the location of their meetings always changes.

Last week, I got an email inviting me to join.

And what happened, you ask?

I had one of the most powerful readings I’ve ever experienced.

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I can’t reveal names or locations or questions.

I asked if I could reveal part of what happens….because I want to write and share things here that are my personal experiences. I also want to share things that might intrigue you to bring into your own life, if it calls to you.

This is what I can reveal:

One by one they arrived.
They are the art stars, the underground.
They are the ones that believe they can manifest all the wild beauty in their minds.
Just. My. Type.
I had grapefruit infused water out of mismatched vintage teacups to share.
Then the tarot cards came out.
Some were wrapped in cloth. Some were in velvet bags.
There were just six of us on this hot, Summer night.
As the moon rose over the city,
and the candles were lit in the room,
a deck waited in front of each of us to tell its story.
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This is what transpired:

  • One person would ask their question or talk about what they wanted answers for. They would take their time talking about their situation while the others in the circle would listen and shuffle their decks.
  • Once the person was finished asking their question, they would throw down their own cards first and do a self-reading. After that, one by one the readers would lay out their cards and give their own readings.
  • Once all the readers gave their individual readings, the next person in the circle would ask their question and it cycle repeats again.

Something  I witnessed:  in each round of questions, many of the identical cards were thrown down as answers from all of the different readers.

There was consistency in the cards.

Each reader brought their own unique style.   I like to have my notebook nearby to free-write things that pop into my mind as I’m talking to the cards.  I try to hear messages from the spirits and see the story of the cards.

Around 3am, the cards were put back into their pouches, wrapped up in their cloth, until the next time.
I closed my eyes to sleep that night, knowing exactly what I needed to know.
Questions answered.

This past week, a lot of chaos and uncertainty popped up. I wanted to make sense of it, and be able to navigate my way through it to the best of my ability. That is when I ask the cards and the spirits. I check in with my intuition to lead me the right way. I was grateful to get their secret email to also experience the power of a group reading behind my question.

Now tell me about you. Do you use tarot cards or any other methods to tap in to your intuition or Guides?

Here are some decks that I use and love:
The Paulina Tarot – this is the my regular go-to deck. I found it on a magical night in New Orleans with Emilie Autumn as we were wandering down cobblestone streets lit by gas lanterns. It has traveled around the world with me. Here it is on the moss of a mountain.

The Goddess Tarot by artist and writer Kris Waldherr- this deck is lovely, in person and on an iPhone app. This was my first deck. It was so easy to learn on as the images tell their own stories. I have the iPhone app now, and if I find myself without my physical cards, when I’m stuck in the subway, it always gives a good reading.

The Goddess Deck by Kris Waldherr
The Goddess Deck by Kris Waldherr

One of my best and dearest friends, Gala Darling, recommended The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to me. The artist Kim Krans was inspired by the beauty of the Catskill Mountains to create her deck. These cards are an incredible intuitive tool. Beautiful.
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And one of my favorite artists and magic makers, Katelan Foisy is currently creating her own gorgeous deck. I’ve seen some of the cards, and they are stunning. I love her art, and I love her magic. The two combined? Mind-blowing enchantments.

Katelan Foisy's Ace of Wands
Katelan Foisy’s Ace of Wands

What have you tried? What decks call to you? If you’re just beginning your tarot journey, Aeclectic Tarot is a site that has reviews, pictures of many different decks and good ideas.

And if you’re reading this….I picked this card for you at the end of our secret tarot circle. I closed my eyes and shuffled the deck and I thought about the message I was supposed to tell you this week. This is the single card I flipped over:

The Wheel of Fortune card from the Paulina Tarot Deck
The Wheel of Fortune card from the Paulina Tarot Deck

“Unexpected good fortune, advancement, luck, renewed hope brought about with change, opportunities.”

Your future looks bright.


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