Stories that the Moon Told Me: The August New Moon in Leo.

My love affair with the sky began with her….
She woke me up a few nights ago.
Her diagonal beams streaking across my walls in my room and illuminating my little wooden bed.
My life has led me to faraway corners of this world, to unfamiliar streets and musical languages unknown to me.
But she is always there.
A witness in the night sky.

She lulled me to sleep when I was little.
She has held my wishes dreamed up from fire escapes in Brooklyn.
She kept me safe as a guide in my travels.
I have howled at her from Brooklyn rooftops and mountains in the Catskills.
My head thrown back.
In my own wildness.

And tomorrow night, she starts a brand new cycle.
A powerful New Moon awaits us all at 5:51pm eastern time tomorrow.
In magic tradition, the New Moon is a time to “plant new seeds” into our lives. This is the perfect time to really push into something new and watch your skills grow as the moon does.
Because the moon is entering Leo, this is an ideal time to work on self-confidence, love and take a chance on saucy, new creative projects. The new moon is a time to seek out new possibilities and step outside your comfort zone.

Here’s some things I love to do on the New Moon:
moonCarve candles and work my dreaming into the wax. I’ll start burning the candle the moment the moon enters its new phase.
moon Give myself a tarot reading to see the story of the cards for the month ahead.
moonHold seeds in my hands, think of my greatest wishes and blow into my cupped hands of seeds to charm them with my wishes. Then plant them in rich soil to grow abundantly.
moonMeet up with others celebrating the New Moon. My favorite New Moon circle in NYC is held by Barbara Biziou. If you don’t live in NYC, or have a New Moon circle near you, start your own! Gather your friends and use New Moon nights to state your intentions for the next month and help each other along to grow your goals together.
moonFind water on the New Moon to dip myself into – to symbolically “start anew”. Tomorrow night, I will be in the secret winding creek near my house.
Opnamedatum: 2008-06-09
But right now, I am among the bustle of Brooklyn. I am writing to you from a little cafe, lined with books and sunshine.
Picture 52
And on the radio, the lyrics: “And may my fears fall down to their deaths.

On this New Moon, may all your fears fall down to their deaths.


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