Why I Cried In The Dark…

When it was over and the theater lights were still out,
I started to cry.
Picture 58
Kim Boekbinder was sitting next to me.   She grabbed my hand and held it.
That was a year ago.
Last night, our conversation circled around to moments in movies that had an effect on us.
So I told my story.

The film was Moonrise Kingdom.
Picture 59
And this one moment, just got to me…
The film opens with the camera panning across a cross-section of the house, so you can see into all the rooms as if it was a dollhouse.
Inside each room, a different scene is happening:

  • The kids are gathered around a record player.
  • A girl is reading.
  • Someone is painting.
  • Someone is writing letters.

Picture 61
There was all this activity happening. Physical interaction.
And it hit me.
If they would have cross-sectioned my apartment building, so you could see what every person was doing inside…
You would probably just see people staring into their computers.
Most likely all of them would be staring into their computers.
And I am one of them.

Photo 95
Me on Webcam. Staring into the abyss.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the internet.
We get to connect with each other all over the world here.
But with all that we gain from it, we also lose a little something.
We lose the innocence of activities.

What would you be doing right now if the internet didn’t exist?

At this point, it’s almost impossible to even imagine my life without it.  I thought that Moonrise Kingdom did a fantastic job of telling this story about a time before computers, a time before cell phones, a time when records reigned.

That time is most definitely over.

A page in history turned.
And a little something in that made me sad.
Good movies can make us reflect on our lives and make a connection with us emotionally.

So, I’m curious…. you know I love to give you questions on Thursday….

Tell me about a scene in a movie that moved you, that you still think of sometimes. What was it, and why did it touch you?

I bet we’ll have a lot of similar ones.


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