Things I Think About Thursday: On The Road Again

IMG_9637Passport?  Check.
10 packs of fluttery false eyelashes? Check.
Showgirl Feather Fans? Check.
Wild Sense of Adventure? Check.
Everything I own crammed into 3 suitcases? Awwww hell yeah.
Must be TOUR TIME.
Europe, we are coming for you!
And you know what one of my favorite things to do is?

Chillin' with Krevez after the show in Texas.  <3
Chillin’ with Krevez after the show in Texas. <3


I wanna meet you guys.
I want hugs.
I wanna chill.
Come on down and let’s get this party started.
Our roaming home of a tour bus is going to be going all over this place. Wanna come and see us? Here’s our schedule!
It’s nice to be back out here on the road again. It always stirs up all of the happy tour memories in the past. I’m hoping to see familiar faces out here and make some new friends as well.

In the comments, tell me one of your favorite tour memories. And if you haven’t seen us on tour yet, what is a memory you hope to create?

Love from a roadside rest stop that I’m stealing wi-fi from….


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