Magic Monday: Unlocking The Doors To The World

I turned the key in the lock, closed my eyes and leaned against the door of my apartment.
I thought of all of the adventures that will happen, all the life I will live before I come back to that door and put my key in the lock once again.

The Old Chelsea Hallway

Burke and I dragged the three suitcases and feather fan case, packed to the maximum weight limit allowed, down six flights of stairs and threw them into the waiting car.

A new adventure begins.

I kept the keys to my apartment in my hand the whole way to the airport, my other hand held Burke’s hand.
My fingers touched the ridges of the key,
the carved code that speaks to the lock of a place I call home.
Each mile we drove took me further away from that place.

And then I realized what I wanted to share with you today.
A little piece of my own magic.
A random thing I have done for years,
an odd little thing that would have gone unnoticed if I didn’t have you to talk to here.

The first time I ever traveled internationally was flying to Germany to tour with Emilie in December of 2007.   There was a wild mix of emotions going on when I finally got on that flight and we took off.  I remember looking at my feet boarding the plane and thinking – “the next time my feet touch down on land, it will be a land far away from where I was born”.

A very blurry, never seen before backstage pic from my first tour with Emilie.  December 2007.
A very blurry, never seen before backstage pic from my first tour with Emilie. December 2007.

It was exciting. 
And it was terrifying. 
There was a whole big wild world out there….and what was in it? 
Would I feel comfortable? 
Would I be completely lost? 
Would I panic if I was bombarded with things I’ve never experienced before?

The keys to my first international hotel room.  Now that's rock and roll.
The keys to my first international hotel room. Now that’s rock and roll.

I started carrying the key to my apartment with me and if I got nervous, I would discreetly hold it up in front of me and turn it – just like I was turning an imaginary door to “home”.

I imagined walking through the doorway and making all this big beautiful wild world my home.  A place where I could walk safely, discover hidden treasures, meet new friends and share experiences on the road.

If you look closely in this picture of me visiting the Cologne Cathedral in 2007 on my first international trip – you’ll see that I’m holding a key in my raised hand.
SV-AS10 ImageData

I’ve also done this when I’m going to a major audition, or about to do a show that means a lot to me.  I have “unlocked” many stages around the world, and made them into my home.

It’s also where the original idea for the skeleton key necklace came from…the first one I made was to keep the key close to me….a key whose doors were probably destroyed long ago.

The original key necklaces I made. Now they are all fancy in velvet.

And I whispered to them…
to open all of the gorgeous doors
of my dreams
in this world.

And it worked.

Walk through those imaginary doors…
I am waiting for you there.

What dreams would you unlock?

Whisper in the comments and let’s carve our own keys….


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