Things I Think About Thursday: Tour Time Questions From YOU.

I’ve been running around the world with these girls lately….

Photo by Fishbones Photography
Photo by Fishbones Photography

In the past week, we’ve been through England, Scotland, and Holland…and one of my favorite sights to see is YOU:

In Eindhoven, Holland
In Eindhoven, Holland

I love getting a chance to meet you and talk to you – and on my Twitter last week, Mauricio Oyarzo from Chile asked me a “Tour Bus Question” and thought we could make a game out of it. I thought that was a great idea, so I asked you on Twitter – what Tour Questions you had for me.

Here are 3 (I will answer others in another post – they were so good!):

Question 1:  Mauricio @mabrox asked: “How many hours did you sleep last night?  Is it possible to sleep on a tour bus?”

We sleep in little bunks on the bus with curtains separating us. When I first started touring in 2007, I used to get claustrophobic in my bunk. I loaded up a nighttime mix on my iPod with soft music that had ocean, bird and cricket sounds, so that I could trick my mind into thinking I was outside. Now my bunk is my welcome safe little home away from home. The gentle movement of the road rocks me to sleep at night. In fact, after long tours, it’s difficult for me to go back to a bed that doesn’t move all night!

And of course, I write, write and write on the bus…it’s our little traveling home.  Here I am in the back lounge with my mirror twin and my journal:
Picture 1
Fun Fact: Our Tour Bus is nicknamed “The Haunted Snug” – based on a cute little room in the oldest tavern in England that we went to.

Question 2: @plaugekoneko19 asked: “Silliest game you’ve ever played on the bus?”

I’d have to say “Lava” – where we have to jump on furniture or the counters or our bunks and not touch the floor with our feet – otherwise we burn up in lava.

Then you lose.
Of course.

Question 3: Sara V. @seyerah asked: What is the most outrageous gift a fan has given you on tour?

We’ve got some amazing gifts over the years because you guys are the coolest ever. But outrageous? mmmm. The first thing that pops into my mind would have to be the full pajama blue elephant onesie. Behold the AWESOME:
Which we took turns wearing and running up and down hotel hallways:
And then we made our stage manager, French Fry, wear it on the last show:

So now it’s my turn to ask you:

Tell me about a fun, outrageous gift that you received in the comments.

Make me laugh….
Picture 4



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