The Secret In The Necklace and What My Grandma Taught Me

The little amber bottle hung over my heart.
It contained a secret in it.

Photo by Emilie Autumn.

A message from a 100 year old fortune telling book.
A page that I had carefully ripped out.
I needed those old and wise words to protect me.

I was sitting in the New York offices for MTV on my third callback for their show, MADE.

It was down to me and two other people after they saw hundreds.
I couldn’t believe it was happening.
And more importantly, I wanted it.
My heart was beating out of my chest.
And the very first bottle necklace I ever made was an attempt to hold it in.

I imagined the message in the bottle and its captured words written over my heart.
So that when I went into the last audition, that is what would be projected to everyone I saw.

The piece that I ripped out of the book and rolled into a tiny scroll…
The piece that could be seen ever-so-slightly through amber colored glass…
The piece that was safely corked and surrounded by wax drippings from my lucky purple candle….


It said:  “Good fortune surrounds you.  Have courage and faith for it is time to move boldly into your life’s destiny.  Your dreams await you. Take the reigns.”

Image Courtesy of Doth Photography
Image Courtesy of Doth Photography

I touched it several times during that last call back.
Just to remind myself.
If it was meant to be, if that spot on MADE could help shape my life’s destiny in the correct way, then I had no doubt it would be mine.

I leaned slightly forward the last couple of moments I was in the audition office and then stood up straight so that the tiny bottle would hit against my heart.

I got the gig.

I started to make the bottles for my friends and then I took them on the road with me.
Little amulets with good words and good fortunes from a century ago.
I wanted to see if I could help spread a little bit of the magic that worked for me…would it work to put magic in every one and pass on a bit of enchantment to each new wearer?
So there’s this charm thing I do to each one.  And I wanted to share that with you so you can charm your jewelry.  I do this to all the things I adorn myself with – the flowers in my hair, the ribbons around my neck, the necklaces that I make by hand.

My Grandma Helen taught me this when I was little when we would do Wishing Circles together.  But it can be used for charging objects as well.

1.  Think of a wish that you would like, or think of a few words about something that you want to make happen or how you would like to be seen.  For example, if you’re about to go on a first date with someone, you might choose words like:  “Mysterious, Playful, Intriguing”.  You want to choose the words that you want your date to use to describe you to his friends when you’re not around.

2.  Close your eyes and plant your feet firmly on the ground.  Put your hands over your heart and think of those words over and over and over.

3.  My Grandma used to say that the words would originate in your heart.  Then they would attach themselves to your breath.  This is the idea of where “blowing” out birthday candles comes from.  But instead of blowing out a candle, cup your hands in front of you like you are going to catch your wishes – and then blow into your hands.

Photo by Emilie Autumn.

4.  Then clasp your hands palms together as if you were praying.  Rub your palms together back and forth so that friction is caused.  Keep rubbing your hands, you are building energy into your wish.  In your mind, think of your wish happening.  If you are thinking of words, imagine you becoming those words and feel stronger and stronger.

Photo by Emilie Autumn.

5.  Finally, when you feel as if your hands are creating fire because they are so hot with your wish, you grab the object you want to enchant and clasp it into your hands.

Photo by Emilie Autumn.

6.  Close your eyes and be still.  Your hands will feel like they are tingling.  Breathe and imagine putting all that good energy, all those good wishes into the object.

7.  Wear it proudly as your amulet.

Try this on your jewelry, the things you wear in your hair, the bracelets you wear on your wrists…tell me how it works on you. Take a picture of your special accessories and share.

I want to see it all.


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