How To Build A Street Team

The Time Is Drawing Near...
The Official Kickstarter for our feature film, Revolver
will now hit the road: 

Friday, October 18th!


We are going renegade and truly independent.
It’s going to take all of us to make this happen.
Can we build this dream together?
I KNOW we can.
In the past, we would have relied on trying to find film investors and the outcome of our film would be out of our control.

But now, thanks to sites like Kickstarter, we can have the opportunity to make a truly independent film with:
no compromises,
no one else to answer to,
and be able to tell our story the way it was supposed to unfold into the world.
The most important thing is to start off the Kickstarter with a massive first day to get worldwide attention.
Circle the date of October 18th in your calendars, my Friends.

..and let’s go on this journey together.

Let’s rock a STREET TEAM.

My friend, Caitlin, who I met on the road, sent these great street team tips to me and I wanted to share them with all of you – for people who might be organizing their own street teams to make their dreams come true.

Caitlin is rocking the turquoise hair and she is awesome.
Caitlin is rocking the turquoise hair and she is awesome.

Street Teams are the backbone of artists, musicians and writers to be able to get the word out in towns all over the world.

And here’s how you do it:
1. Find the fans!   In whatever you are doing, whether you are in a band or writing a sci-fi novel that you want to get out to the masses…where are the people who like the things you have to offer? Tap into social media outlets, build a forum where people who like what you do can communicate, hang out in the places where people appreciate the kind of things you are doing?

2. Cover Your Ground. Where will your band, your film, your book launches be? Do you have fans in that area? Reach out to people through facebook and twitter to find out.

3. Build Your Marketing Packets. Make em’ cool! Put together creative flyers, posters, buttons, and stickers. Make sure there is enough to be distributed to select audience.

4. Be Available to Build A Strong Relationship With Your Team.  Keep in touch through Skype calls, a Facebook Group, a Street Team Twitter, or a forum. Keep everyone connected through one source, this saves confusion.

5. Create a Solid and Simple Marketing Strategy. Plan where the street team members will distribute flyers or talk about project. Set up specific goals for the street team to accomplish. Give street team members a realistic quota as to how many people they want to reach. Do not burn the team out by expecting them to do too much. Choose promotions carefully and make sure the mission is doable.

6. Offer Amazing Rewards!  Street team members should feel valued. This may include giveaways, skype calls, special incentives, etc.

7. Choose Street Team Captains throughout the World.  While you are working on your project, you might not be able to have the time to focus on your street team constantly. Choose street team captains to make sure missions are being completed.

Wanna be on the Revolver Street Team?

I’m giving special incentives to people who are willing to go that extra mile to spread this dream through the world.  Email me at Veronica at dangerdame with the subject heading “Street Team”.


Let’s make history together.


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