Magic Monday: How To See Your Dream Come True.

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It gives me goosebumps every time.

Follow me to a month and 6 days in the future.
It is November 13, 2013.
It is one day after my one year anniversary of writing consistently in the Danger Diary.
It is four days after the 14 year anniversary of the day I first met Burke Heffner in school.
It is 2 days before our Revolver Kickstarter ends.

The colorful Autumn leaves are falling from the trees. Many swirl about in piles on the ground in mini whirling tornadoes.
We pull our RV to the side of the road.
This could be a moment.
Burke sits down next me and squeezes my hand.
Our friend, Aubry, films so we can share this with all of you who have been on this long journey with us.
I open my 6 year old white MacBook and type in to refresh the page on our Revolver film project.
On top of the page, it says:

“FUNDED! This project successfully raised its fundraising goal on November 13.”

I let out a scream without thinking.
My hands fly up to my face.
I cry.

We did it.

In reality, our Kickstarter is 11 days from beginning. But because this is the biggest dream that I have ever gone after in my life – I visualize the above happening
so that my mind will believe it is possible.
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In 1987, he wrote a check to himself for $10 million dollars.
At the time, he didn’t have the $570 he owed in rent that month.
He dated the 10 million dollar check “Thanksgiving 1995”.
At the bottom he wrote “for acting services rendered.”
In 1994, he received $10 million for his role in Dumb and Dumber.
His name is Jim Carey.
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In 1984, Russian scientists conducted a famous study of their top Olympic athletes.
They wanted to determine the effects that visualizing the step-by-step victory would have on their performance.

The athletes were broken up into four groups:

    • The Group 1 Athletes received 100% pure intense physical training.
    • The Group 2 Athletes received 75% intense physical training and 25% visualization of victory.
    • The Group 3 Athletes received 50% intense physical training and 50% visualization of victory.
    • The Group 4 Athletes received 25% intense physical training and 75% visualization of victory.

Who do you think had the best performance results?
Picture 17

Across the board, the Athletes of Group 4 performed the best.
Scientists believed that the mental impact of these athletes picturing their win in their minds, feeling the Finish Line Tape break across their chest, hearing the crowd roar – convinced their minds that they had already “won” before…so their goal seemed attainable and easy.

Last night, I spent hours putting all of your Team Revolver photos together for Stripey to make a video of to include on our Kickstarter page.

Looking at so many of you from all over the world, beaming, smiling, supporting this dream – made me feel like we can really do this.

For so many years of my life, I would say I wanted a dream, but I never thought or pictured the dream happening in my mind – until now.

So let’s do this together:
Science has proven that visualizing a positive outcome is half the battle to achieving any dream.

What is yours?
Picture 18
Give yourself a moment and close your eyes.
Imagine the positive outcome of your dream happening.
Picture yourself there.
How do you feel?
What do you see around you?   What time of year is it?  Who’s there?
Imagine touching objects there:

  • are you breaking through the tape and winning a race?
  • are you holding your New York Times Best Selling book at a reading?
  • are you holding an Academy Award and giving an acceptance speech?
  • are you flipping around the Open sign on your new storefront?

The more real you can make your visualization the better.

Our minds can do incredible things.
Time to move our dreams into reality.

Share five sentences of the moment you achieve your dream in the comments. I promise I will read every single one and visualize it happening.

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