Things I Think About Thursday: Here are my Bones.

If you’ve been a Danger Diary reader, you know what this means to me. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. It’s taken me a lot of courage to put my biggest dream out there and cross my fingers to hope that it takes flight – and I’m going to need every single one of you beautiful beings to help win this.
Picture 10
AFTER ALL THIS TIME…less than 24 hours from this moment……it’s game on.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 18th at 9am eastern US time – our biggest dream launches.

Join us.

Here’s what you can do to rock this out with us:

1. The first day is CRUCIAL. If you can pledge tomorrow as it goes live for its first day, I would be eternally grateful. REMEMBER – the funds will NOT come out of your account tomorrow – they won’t come out until we are successful (fingers crossed!) on November 15th. If we have a bunch of Backers on tomorrow’s opening day, we might be able to get in the “Most Popular Projects” slot, which would help our project be seen by people worldwide that might not know us yet.

2. At 9am EST, as we launch there are some ONE OF A KIND REWARDS, that are first come, first serve. This dream means so much to me, I am willing to part with my beloved very first pink feather fans that I took all over the world with me, the ones you saw on MTV and on stage with Emilie Autumn from 2007-2009.
I am also parting with the black dress you see in the below photo that I wore during the car chase shoot out in the trailer. As much as I love both of them dearly, I want my film to become a reality – and will happily let them enjoy a new life with you in exchange for my dream!
Picture 11

3. We have a super secret prize for ALL first day Backers. I will personally send a link with a password to a never before seen trailer for Revolver. My Dad aka The Big Dude is in it. Burke’s Dad is also in it. It gives the mood of Revolver and you get a feeling of what is to come. All first day Backers see it FIRST as a thank you.

4. If you are HARDCORE on Team Revolver – Show the WORLD with an Avatar. The fabulous Miss Michelle Benz has created these images that can be used for your avatar on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is the number one way that people see Kickstarter projects. So if you replace your current photo with one of these – people will take notice, will check to see what it’s about and click on our dream! Pick out your avatar below!



And one last thing….my posting frenzy will start tomorrow….so the next time you read the Danger Diary, my long time dream will be live and up to the world to make it or break it. I feel so grateful for all of you, with everything you have done and all the support you have shown me….thank you for standing by my side in this dream.

Now go grab your avatar….

Tears rolling down my face because I can’t believe this is happening….
All my love,


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