Truck Stop Tuesday

Waiting up in our cute Escape Campervan with a MASSIVE SMILE on my face.  Because of YOU!
Waiting up in our cute Escape Campervan with a MASSIVE SMILE on my face. Because of YOU!

I woke up in a truck stop parking lot in the desert. The dawn crept in through the windows of our van, and I checked our morning Kickstarter numbers. OVER $45K! SQUEEEEEE! So with sleep still in my eyes, and caked eyeliner on from last night…I recorded this for you:

THANK YOU! Keep sharing it, our numbers are growing, strangers around the world are writing to me telling me they found it on your pages, on your twitter, on your blogs…..YOU ARE MY HEROES! Click on this secret page to join Team Revolver:

In the bathroom this morning, I washed my face next to an old Vegas showgirl. She saw me putting on my lashes and said, “Are you a showgirl? Because once you’re a showgirl, you do this makeup for life.” – as she put on a streaked black cateye on next to me and tied a flower in her blonde hair.

We talked about life, and living out of a van. We talked about Vegas and a man named “Rubber Legs”. She talked about her ex-husbands and the time that Tony Curtis gave her a $1,000 tip. You can’t make this stuff up.

She said, “My name is Gayle Wild…….not my real name.” And I said, “My name is Veronica Varlow……not my real name, either.”

We both laughed.

I asked her if I could interview her on video, but she said that she needed to lay low.

I walked out and over the truck stop speakers, the song ‘Wild Thing’ was playing.

I smiled to myself over what a wonderful and crazy world we live in.

Hope I get to meet you on the road.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep dreaming out there!

I’ll be posting a secret ukulele video on our Kickstarter blog later on…to get full access to see all the behind the scenes stuff – even backing a $1 to our dream will get you in.  GO FOR IT or regret it forever!  You don’t want to miss me making a fool of myself do you?  *kiss*

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