Things I Think About Thursday: The Thinning of the Veil

Today is a day where the veil between the worlds is the thinnest…. a time when wishes can be made and heard.

World, see this.  This is the magic we have to offer you……

This is the secret video that the Backers saw two weeks ago when we launched our Kickstarter.  I feel like it captures the mood of the story the best.  Both of our Dads are in this one…Burke’s Dad is the sheriff with the rifle walking out from under the train bridge and my Dad is the 3 Card Monte Street Hustler at the end.

Today was the right day to release it to all of you.
We have 15 days left and we’re almost half way there.
I believe our dream can come true with all of you standing with us.

Revolver Movie Poster Print by Artist Zelda Devon, New Reward!
Revolver Movie Poster Print by Artist Zelda Devon, New Reward!

I added a ton of new Rewards this morning –
For Halloween, I added a special Custom Magic Spell Package with me.
If you want coaching with me, like I did with Andrea on MADE – you can have it.
If you want a London Conjure Custom Package or Jar Spell Kit by famed magic maker and artist, Katelan Foisy, you have have it.
If you want an autographed print of Movie Poster, featuring the artwork of Zelda Devon, you can have it.
Amazing rewards will keep being added. Many of these are one of a kind, so come on over and check it out! 
We are off to the desert to do a major good wish spell for all of you tonight….
I hope you can feel it.

Thanks for standing at our side as we work to make our come true.


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