Things I Think About Thursday: A Wildly Inspirational Story

As we make our way across the country, the inspiring encounters with strangers, meeting new friends and all of you on the internet cheering us on with our journey has kept us going.

This dream has become more than just two people going after their dream, it’s become a lesson in human kindness and how we can all affect each other in so many ways.

I wanted to share one of the many crazy inspiring stories with you that just happened less than 48 hours ago. It’s the thing that helped this cheese-tastic video happen:

Last week, on Twitter, I asked you what your dreams are. I re-tweeted the dreams of over 220 people to the 17,000 people that are following me. You never know when people can help each other make connections and spark a dream coming true.  You guys have done so much for us, and I want to do anything I can for you.

I re-tweeted soundclouds and e-books, I re-tweeted how to vote for amazing new artists and voted for them myself. And I saw this one come in:
Picture 28

Kurt has written about us before in his Real Life Husband, Rock Star Dad blog and I’ve written about him. He’s always been super cool and if he was that nervous about a presentation, obviously it meant alot to him.
I wanted to help give him the courage and support that he has always given me.

The next day, I gave Kurt a call in the afternoon, it was the first time I ever heard his voice in real life.   It was a great call,  I told him to get in there with his swagger and ROCK that presentation and to imagine everyone throwing their bras at him. He laughed saying that the presentation was to a roomful of guys – and I said that I’d be throwing my bra in spirit at him all the way from across the country.

When we got off the phone, I tweeted this:
Picture 29

And then this happened – notes of encouragement from people around the world:
Picture 30

Picture 31

Picture 34

Picture 36

Fast forward to later that night:
We’re about to get kicked out of a warm coffee shop at closing time. I was feeling a little down and exhausted. Unbeknownst to me, my cell phone is blowing up in the locked van at this time. We bundle up, grab Niney and head out for another night of driving and taking turns sleeping. The first thing I see when I get to the van is this:
Picture 37

Picture 38
I was freaking out.

In a matter of moments, our dream jumped from 52,788 to almost 55K.


I checked my phone to figure out how this went down. My fingers were shaking as I flew through pages on my screen.

You know that presentation that Kurt was doing?

It was for us.

Tears rolled down my face when I realized this. He had kept it under wraps because he didn’t want to get our hopes up. He walked into that presentation with all the good wishes from this global family we have created together – and he KILLED IT.

He brought our dream to the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. MPI is a hotbed of creativity in Michigan – a place where filmmakers learn how to hone their craft and tell their stories to the world. They believe in the film dream and the dreamers of that dream. And they proved it by giving Kurt a contribution to back our dream.

This is what happens when all of the dreamers help each other.

Many dreams come true.

At Carhenge in Nebraska - Thankful.
At Carhenge in Nebraska – Thankful.

Thank you to Kurt for going all out and spreading our dream to others.
Thank you MPI for believing in us – keep doing great work in teaching new generations of filmmakers.
Thank you to ALL of you who have supported us so much in our journey, gave us kind words of support, drew magic doodles of love, made videos to encourage us, posted flyers everywhere and gave us the thumbs up.

Going after our biggest dream has been one of the most exciting and terrifying rides of our life. Thank you for holding our hands and giving us high fives on the way.


All my love.


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