The Secrets Backstage and a Showgirl’s Feather

I’m back on the road again and in the gutter (as usual)….

I have so many stories to share and so many things to tell you. I am still on such a high from the last four weeks of adventure to fund our biggest dream. I will never be able to thank you enough – what a great adventure is in store for all of us! Right now, I wanted to share with you some of the magic that I used that helped me – intention magic and connecting to my future/past self.

On October 26th, I was backstage in San Diego after our show.  I was putting all of my costumes away from the show.  I stopped for a moment and pulled out my hair feather that I wear for the show.  In the silence, I held that feather in my hands and ran my fingers through it.  The next time I would be touching that feather to put it in my hair, it would be November 20th at the House of Blues, and by then I would know if taking a massive risk on my biggest dream would have paid off.

At that moment, I projected myself forward.   I closed my eyes and imagined myself backstage at the House of Blues, I imagined holding the feather in my hand, feeling happy and victorious.  I tried to picture myself in the future where I knew I would be on a certain date – and I tried to experience that moment as a successful one.

On October 26th when I was doing this…..I wasn’t sure if our dream was going to happen or not.  In fact, I was a little terrified that it might not be successful.  Caitlin was in the audience that night and during One Foot In Front Of the Other Foot, the last song of that tour, I looked at her and we both got tears in our eyes.  We had no idea what was to come next, but we chose to keep marching forward and working hard to make this dream come true.  The tour bus pulled away and Burke, Aubrey, Niney and myself were off to an adventure to find out.

A few days ago, I arrived at House of Blues on November 20th. I went to the costume case, and there on top was the feather, with all the hopes and dreams of October 26th put in it. I clutched it to my chest for a moment, leaned down and closed my eyes. I tried with all of my might to send that old me, a message back…. WE DID IT.  I pictured myself back on October 26th – scared and a little uncertain.  In my mind, I sent her the joy in my heart, to give her strength and confidence for her step into the unknown.
Picture 26
It’s going to sound stupid, but tears rolled down my face when I put that feather on. I was so relieved and blown away that our dream came true. I was in awe of the community that rallied around us and held us up. I was touched by all the love and kindness and help. When I was putting magic in that feather on October 26th – I wished for all the people that were drawn to dreaming and our project to come forward, so we could rise up and make something incredible together. And you did it.

It’s no secret that I love adornments. Flowers, feathers, pearls, crystals, bows, barrettes. I love them all. My Grandma used to say that hair was magic because when it grew, our dreams in our minds would weave themselves into our hair. Enchanting something to wear in your hair is a way of “crowning” ourselves with our dreams. You can also do this with necklaces to wear over your heart (drawing in things to you that you are passionate about) or over your throat (speaking your truth).

Try this:

  • Think of an adornment object that is important to you that you will wear this New Year’s Eve.
  • Think of a small dream or goal you would like to accomplish in the next 35 days before New Year’s Day or think of the dreams you’d like to accomplish in 2014.
  • Close your eyes and hold that object in your hands.  Imagine the future you on New Year’s Eve wearing this object and imagine your dream or goal coming true.  Imagine yourself being happy and walking into 2014 with so much to look forward to.
  • Then blow on the object like you are blowing out a candle.  Imagine the wishes entwined in your breath.
  • Put the object on your altar, you are not allowed to wear it again until New Year’s Eve.  It helps if you write your mini dream on a piece of paper and wrap it around it.  Bring it outside to charge it on the new moon, December 2nd and the full moon on December 17th.
  • On the new year, bring out your object and adorn yourself with it.  Get ready to walk into your future with filled with adventure and dreams come true.

Do you have a special item you are going to charge? Share a photo below and a sentence of your dream for your wish for 2014 – so we can all see it coming true for you!

Love and Adventure,


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