Things I Think About Thursday: A Day of Thanks

I’m sitting here with my Revolver shirt on
eating a Kit Kat from a vending machine
celebrating Thanksgiving on the ROAD!
There is snow on the ground, a certain crisp to the air and colorful holiday lights decorating my bunk in the tour bus. I’m grateful for so many things this year, including this:

In the US, it’s Thanksgiving today – and while I don’t agree with the background of the holiday – I can agree with the idea of giving thanks and gratitude. Sarah Barker sent me this:
Picture 52

I love this idea and I’m going to work on my list.

What would be on yours?

You would be on mine.

Thank you so much for coming along on this wild adventure with me – through living in a van, chasing my dreams, living on a tour bus and passing out from overeating chocolate from the vending machines for Thanksgiving dinner…..
Picture 51
Don’t worry…..
I’m dirtier than the floor.
I love all of you….


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