I Remember the First Time I….

Picture 61
experienced CARhenge.

We were wild things living in a van.
Everything was closed and no one was around for miles.
And there it was… in the middle of corn fields and open sky.

I have always dreamed of seeing Stonehenge, but it makes sense that this girl living out of a van, this scrappy Brooklyn girl of gutters and rock and roll…
would see Carhenge first.
Picture 63
Niney ran out first – doing her wild laps around the cars and over the hill of wheat fields.
Aubrey, Burke and I ran after…our shoes sinking in the mud. Brisk wind in our faces – as we wove in and out of the cars, running wildly.
The sky flooded with colors of sun set.
Vivid reds, oranges, yellows, purples.
I made a wish and watched the sunset drop between the stacked car monument.
The sun that day
before it dropped out of the sky.
Picture 62

Breathless from running.
On edge from chasing our biggest dream.
I looked around and took in that moment.

Night moved in.
I was behind the wheel of those open highways with no one on them,
a canopy of stars over our heads
the yellow lines of road leading us to unknown adventures.

This memory is woven through who I am today.
It is something I didn’t know or had never experienced – just a month ago.
And it has changed everything about who I am.
Just by being in a place.
In the middle of nowhere.
We found heaven.

Tell me about a first time adventure for you that made you feel something…whether it was across the world from where you are now or right in your own backyard.

What is a moment that moved you so much that it is a part of you?

It can be the first time you heard a particular song while driving, it can be the first time you climbed a tree and saw the world from a different view, it can be as simple as the first time you walked home a different way and found something new.

I’m opening the comments to your stories – if you have pictures, share those, too!

Looking forward to going on all these adventures with you in the comments.

Remember…there is something stellar around the corner…you just have to look.


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