Magic Monday: Door Knob Of Success

A month before we started our Kickstarter, I met with a coven of magic makers, who gathered around my bed and threw the cards down on the purple silk bedding.
It was that night that Burke and I were told to go for our dream $99K number, even though it seemed impossible.
In the course of the last two months, when I needed it most… my magic friends came to me with ideas and good thoughts to keep us motivated, positive and strong as we moved toward our biggest dream.
Here is a great magic spell that my friend, Dame Darcy passed on to me.

Picture 65
Dame Darcy and Me on a Rooftop in NYC.

I would see it as vintage robin’s egg blue cut glass
or I would see it as a magic symbol etched into bronze.
My hand would find its way to it easily to turn it.
Picture 64

I have already used the idea of my beloved key opening doors, and I have magnetized all of the ones I’ve made as necklaces to open doors for their wearers. So I loved Dame Darcy’s next step of putting your hand on the door knob and opening the door.

Here is a special spell from Dame Darcy herself that she wanted to share with all of you:
Door To Success:
Magnetize a doorknob then put it on any door you want and walk through it to success in anything you choose.

Put the magic doorknob on the door to any work you want, turn it and when you walk into the office you will have the position you desire.

Place the magic doorknob on the dean’s office of any school you want and you will get in.

Put the magic doorknob on the door to the home of your new boyfriend or friend, and they will let you in and form a magic bond with you.

First Step: Here’s how to do the Magnetism Meditation:

In a quiet space, sit upright in a chair and visualize a rod or beam that is hollow like a tube stretching through your spine up to the heavens. This connects you to the universal law and then also goes down to the earth, grounding you.

Close your eyes and breathe through your nose, focus only on your breathing. If any thought comes into your mind put it in a pink bubble and pop the bubble with the word “thought”. Do this as many times as desired until you have a clear mindscape.

To clear yourself of baggage, imagine actual baggage going down the tube from you into the ground and disappearing somewhere far away. You can also imagine sand or black smoke or anything else that represents negative energy you want to clear.

When you do your meditation, hold the doorknob in your hand and visualize it becoming empowered with the word “Yes”. When you open your eyes, know with certainty that you will receive anything you request.

Visualize any type of doorknob you like, one of colored cut glass, old-fashioned embellished brass, or a perfectly round one that looks like a crystal ball. If you are going to a party where you want to make new friends, before you open the real door, place your magic door knob on the door and turn it saying “Nothing is too good to be true. I am open to receiving everything my heart desires.” Then, slipping the doorknob into your purse, safely out of sight, walk into the room and greet your new friends.

This applies to anything you once had uncertainty with, it will imbibe you with the power to magnetize, manifest, and own any new reality in life you want.

Try it out and let me know how this works for you! And if you want to know more about the fabulous Miss Dame Darcy sign up for her secret surprises here!

I’m cooking up some great magic for the New Year. Tell me some magic you would love to learn to do and I will share with you here. AND because you asked – I will be doing a special online magic class and announcing details next Monday. Stay tuned and see you back here tomorrow for some more exciting news!


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