5 Magic Ways to Stir Up Inspiration in 2014

It is after midnight.
Rain makes music on a crooked roof.
I am lying in a wooden bed from the 1800s
in a blue slip from the 1940s
in the dark
with you.

There are words waiting to move across this white page
and stories that haven’t been told yet.
Ideas that haven’t even been born.
This is what I do to coax them to life…

I conjure up the five senses to work their magic…

See It.
I hold space for the Three Muses of inspiration.  From the little balcony of our house where all the mismatched windows stream in light and stars, where mismatched doors with different histories form the wall in the room that I sleep in, I have hung a dress for each one of them, so that they might watch over our house with their whispers of inspiration.
Picture 83

Taste It.
When I’m feeling stuck, and I’m craving new ideas, I find the simple act of stirring gets my creativity rolling. Make a cup of tea and stir a few drops of honey in. Close your eyes and just stir. Let your mind relax and keep stirring. The gentle clang of the spoon against the tea cup will relax your mind and get the ideas flowing again. Then take a sip of that magic inspiration!

Smell It.
Smell is our greatest trigger of memory and also our strongest sense. Since New York is in the middle of a snowy winter, I’m used to the crisp smells of cold air, the wood burning stove and coffee in the morning. But when I mix that up with essential oils like a citrus burst of wild orange, or lemon, or if I burn a piece of Palo Santo and let its sweet aroma fill the air – it shakes up my usual winter scent palate and evokes new inspiration.

Hear It.
Play Music Roulette. Go to Pandora and type the first three letters of your name into the New Station spot. There will be a list that will appear of artists and names of songs with those three letters. Choose one at random, listen to at least one full song. See where the unexpected takes you.

Feel It.
We already know how many stories the trees have to tell. Closing my eyes, letting my fingertips feel the bark of these twig pencils and then just guiding my hand across the paper to see what appears on the page has been my way of dreaming the new seeds of 2014 into being. Try it. Close your eyes and just let pencil the guide the way.

Those are just some of the magical ways that I’m calling new inspiration in for this brand new year.

And of course, I will always have this one at the wheel to guide me….
Picture 81
Happy Birthday, Magic Grandma Helen.

In the comments, tell me what stirs up your inspiration and helps bring you new ideas for taking on 2014.


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