The Day of All Days in my Wild Love Affair

Picture 102
I had this journal.
It was green and velvet.
I wrote an adventure in it about this boy that I was falling in love with.
One night, when it was late
and I was crazy
and not thinking
I showed him the green velvet diary.

He said I was a great writer.
He loved the bits of story I had written.
We brainstormed together.
Made it a game.
Made it bigger.
Late into one night,
he turned to me with tears in his eyes
and told me the ending
and I saw it
like I was there.

And that was the beginning of everything.

It became our screenplay.
Our story.
The thing that happened
when our wild imaginations combined to be one thing.
This world
that we wrote side by side
in a tiny room
for over a year.
Picture 105
We went on a road trip
and we spent nights sleeping
side by side
in a van
covered with paintings
of tropical fish.

We took a wild chance.
I was afraid.
But he said yes.
“I believe in us.”

And the world said yes.


And this is the year
that this boy that I fell in love with
the one who taught me to adventure
and pushed me to believe in myself…
this storyteller of the ages..
the one who dares
who pushes
who lives boldly
with his adventurous heart
will get to live his dream
and to tell the world that story.
Picture 104

He is my hero.

And this is the day
he was born.
Picture 103

Happy Birthday
to my soul mate
my true love
my adventure partner
my hero
Burke Heffner…..


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