A Hide and Seek Gambling Adventure aka How NOT to Make Life Boring

Me + Coffee.

Picture 86

+ Noticing Coffee House Free Lending Library Selection….
Picture 83

+ Being caffeinated enough to start focusing + Noticing the book at the very bottom.
Picture 84

+ Thinking that I should write a book called: Veronica’s Rules of Disorder.
+ Realizing I had $2 of crumpled bills in my pocket.
+ Running next door to the convenience store and buying these two (because I’m the daughter of a Gambler and it’s in my blood):
Picture 87

+ Borrowing an envelope from the Coffee Shop and writing this to hide lottery tickets in Robert’s Rules of Order:
Picture 85


Have a winning day, Danger Addicts.
Eff boring.

I encourage you to behave badly
and organize a mini secret treasure hunt of your own.



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