How To Become the Person You Want To Be In 2014.

Picture 99
You are the author of your own story.
And there will be obstacles and plot twists thrown in by life,
but you are the hero.
Know that.

We’ve done this before together.
But I needed it for this new year…and I put a new spin on it.
Wanna work some mojo with me?

9 Words.
The New York Times is doing an article on you.
You’re friends with the writer.
And while you’re not allowed to put words in this writer’s mouth,
you are allowed to say 9 adjectives that you want to be used to describe you.
They don’t have to be 9 adjectives that you feel right now, but your ideal adjectives of how the best version of you would like to be described.

What would your adjectives be?
Adventurous? Curious? Fearless? Intelligent? Magnetic? Badass? Innovative? Creative? Inventive? Sensual? Wild? Confident?
Think about it.
Choose them carefully.

This week, I was snowed in on the mountain for two days and in the silence of the snow, I picked my 9 words for this year.

Then I created my own special custom spell that I wanted to share with you.

I gathered nine white candles – they happened to be different shapes:
Picture 107

I dragged the wood that has been drying for over two years ago from outside. This tree was one of the trees that was felled after our house fire and I was and still am very connected to it.
Picture 106

While I was alone, I took each candle, one by one, and wrote one adjective on the back of each one of the candles with a safety pin (It’s my punk rock magic- there’s got to be a safety pin in this spell somewhere).
Then I lit one, and carefully dripped its wax onto the wood into one spot, and then put the base of the candle down into the wax so the wax would keep the candle from tipping over. I held it there with my hand watching the flame and concentrating on me becoming that adjective. Then I did the same process with the second candle. Remember that working with fire, you have to be very careful and watch it at all times. I used the second candle to help balance the first candle. Slowly one by one, all 9 were lit.
Picture 109
I decorated the candles with rose petals to shower love on those 9 adjectives that I want to become.
I watched all of them burn brightly together. All my adjectives.
I licked the tips of my thumb and pointer finger
and once I felt like each adjective was solidly written on my soul for the year, when I felt like I let the universe knows exactly what adjectives I want to be in this story of my 2014 year,
I would pinch the flame out with my fingers.

The curls of cursive smoke drifted into the air above my head….floating the adjective messages to the sky.

The smoke signals of story spell.

My little wooden altar of candles of what I want to become sits at the bottom of my stairs as a reminder to me everyday.
Picture 108

And this is the view that I see in the early morning when I come downstairs.
Picture 100

I hope you enjoyed the spell I created!

Now tell me….what is one of your adjectives for this year?
Share in the comments and I’ll share mine!


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