How To Write A Sizzling Love Letter – 5 Hot Tips!

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When I was 17, I had a dream that I had received a note as an invitation.

It was a love letter.

And in it, the boy had put a scrap of his wall paper in there and a scrap of his carpet.  He had written….

“Here is a piece of my wall paper
and here is a piece of my carpet.
At that the very moment,
that you step into the world hidden
behind my front door
you will already feel

There is power in the perfectly penned love letter.

I’ve shared before on how to write yourself a love letter – and now here’s my timeless tips and some unique ideas to craft a letter to your paramour….

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1. Get Creative With What You Write Your Love Letter On.

Four days after I met Burke, an orange origami swan was perched on the top of my door frame.  Inside the folds of the origami, he had written one of the most passionate love letters I had ever read.  The fact that he gave it to me hidden in the folds of a creature that mates for life…that made it all the more romantic and showed me how creative he was.

Here’s some other creative ideas ways to make your love letter unforgettable:
♥  Scroll it up and put it inside a beautiful vintage bottle.
♥  Bake it inside a fortune cookie.
  Ebay a 1940s Decoder Ring, then gift the decoder ring and a letter written entirely in code.
♥  Write it tiny on the inside of a book of matches and gift with candles.
♥  Write it on the back of a picture puzzle and break up the puzzle after you’re finished writing it for your lover to put together.
  Seal the back of the envelope by dropping red wax on it.
Write it on pages of a book. Adding a new sentence on every page.
  Write it on a beautiful postcard.
♥  Make a physical digital mix tape and write your love letter on the inside cover.

A hand-written letter is more powerful than anything you can ever give someone.  No text or email will ever measure up to a letter declaring your love written by your own hand.Picture 73

2. Start Your Letter With A Revealing Moment of Your Love Story Together From Your Point Of View.

Tell a mini-story and capture it in words to properly paint a full picture. Imagine your lover re-reading the note when they are 90…this is your chance to capture a moment in time and how you see them.
Use as many details as possible:
♥  What time of year was it? Was it day or night?
♥  What was your Lover wearing?
  What did you first notice about them?
  What did you share in common or what drew you to them?

For instance…

“On that 9th day of November, at 5am, I was standing in front of our school, leaning against a column…waiting.

A grey van finally pulled up and….

There.  You.  Were.

The sky was burning orange with the rising of the sun.

My life was never the same again.”

3. Write About Real Moments and The Unique Things That Connect You.

Burke and I connected on New York City history as we drove around late at night. . We took turns picking out buildings in the city’s skyline and telling stories about them.

We connected through music and on our first date he showed up with a mix for me and a story about the fictional “Bonnie and Clyde” version of us he had written on the inside.

This is a moment to express your personality and your unique style.
We’ve all heard the cliched “long walks on a beach” line in love letters.   Fuck that.  This is your chance to talk about the real things that connect you.
  Do you have secret names for each other?
♥  Do you have inside jokes that no one else knows?
  Do you have things in common that you both talked about to the wee hours of the morning?
♥  Is there word hints you can drop like: “pinky swears and yellow bikes” that will give your lover instant recall of a moment or memory?
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4.  Put a Personal Physical Item in the Letter.

Sitting here wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that I had just something you wore
I put it on when I grow lonely
Will you take off your dress and send it to me?”
– Cactus by the Pixies

I have ripped the bottom hem of my dress out and scrolled a love letter up and wrapped the ripped fabric of my dress around it in a bow to seal it.
I don’t mess around.
Make sure you do something physical to your love letter:
♥  Leave a kiss lip print.
♥  Spritz with your scent.
♥  Put a lock of your hair with a ribbon tied around it inside.
♥  Sink your teeth marks into the corner of the note.

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5. Talk About Dreams and Ideas for the Future. Use Your Imagination.

The number one thing that helps a couple thrive is being able to grow together. By the time you’re writing the love letter, you probably know what your lover’s hopes and dreams are. Talk about these things in the letter. Talk about how much you respect, admire and believe in your Lover.

The idea of a perfect co-conspirator to your wildest dreams is sexy as fuck.

Talk about a dream you have of something you’d like to do with your Lover in the future or something you’d like to show them. Get your imagination rolling….talking about future makes each person more secure in the present.

Have fun with writing your letter.
Let your heart be wild and open.
My address is:
Veronica Varlow, PO Box 21, West Shokan, NY 12494.
….If you feel like practicing.


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