On My Birthday, A Special Letter/Wish To YOU.

Today is my life anniversary.

Hell to the yes.

And when I look at the things I’m most grateful for…. YOU are on that list.

The above picture was taken after a very long trip from NYC to South America. 
I had grabbed my luggage and heard banging from above. 
I looked up and there some of you were…kissing the glass, pressing signs against the window. 
And one of you captured the split second of me seeing you.
And in this photo….
you see the truth.

Look at that photo.
This is how you make me feel.

I’ve been waiting for you guys most of my life.
And we found each other.
I’ve been doing this Danger Diary thing for almost a year and a half now – 3 times a week….
because I want to give something back to you.
I want to share with you,
and you share back with me.
This is the time we set aside for each other each week.

I just wanted to let you know
how grateful I am for you
and whether we meet in this lifetime
or not,
I’m grateful that you exist
and that you are out there kicking ass
making this world a better place.

So today…
on this anniversary of my birth
I don’t want any presents,
I just want you to shine like you do out there…
and to affect other people
to change people’s days
to shake up the world a bit with your own revolution,
to rock out the you that you are
without apology.

That is the greatest gift you can give me.

Put your wishes in the comments…and when I blow out my candles tonight, I’ll make yours, too.

I love you, motherfuckers.


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