Confession: I Am Out of Control.

My Friend, Cassandra Rosebeetle and me at Bar 54.

We witnessed the sunset 54 floors above the city last night.
The last golden rays of a day reflected off the Chrysler Building.

The day opened up to night
the ball on top of the Paramount Hotel glowed beneath us
the city switched its lights on
in a glorious show.

After awhile, it seemed like people didn’t see it anymore.
There were cell phones and texts.

I sat next to a new friend and got to talk
and life stories
and luck.
We relished what was around us, right then in that moment
the glowing city
the beautiful Springtime night
the few stars peeking out into the sky above us.

I felt grateful.
Living there in the moment.
Reminding myself to do that more often.
Because when my eyes are wide open to adventure and connection with other people
is when I’m happiest.

On the ride home,
there was a detour
flashing police lights
a mangled bicycle
a motorcycle on its side
they had collided head on
and slided into the sidewalk.
One of the people was not expected to live.

Life is frail.
And as much as I want to “write” my own story of my day to day life
as much as I think that I am in control and behind the wheel of my own destiny….

I am not.

How I one day exit this world –
is not up to me.

But when I was sitting on that lonely corner
of that accident
in the debris
and rubber marks from screeching tires
dragged across pavement
praying for that person in the accident…

I knew that all I can do is
to look at the good in days….
in the good of watching a sunset over the city I love…
in meeting new friends and hearing their stories and things that affected them…
in moments of playing with my little dog Niney as she jumps up and down to greet me…
in the moments of sitting on my stoop in Brooklyn as I write this and the sun is setting now…
in the moments that I’m picking a friend up from the airport –
and as we pass Coney Island,
I have to make the decision between getting this blog out “on time” in this morning
or taking the exit to Coney
and riding the Cyclone
and screaming at the top of my lungs
and having an adventure….

I chose this:coney island cyclone

Look around you.
Open your eyes.
Share something incredible that you see in the comments.


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